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Lessons in patience to me

Lucky for me I'm mostly spectating, labor wise. Since the back bay and therefore ocean are like 1/4 mile away, the county and the coastal commission[ coastal commies] have specifications for storm runoff. Going to have lots of parking, like 2k sq ft, plus the no parking for others unless someone wants to make donations to our property taxes.
The pavers got delivered earlier. They did one more load of rock, pea gravel, as the final layer under the pavers. Going to look slick!

6810358D-8162-4FAC-BA30-2F009CDD81A2.jpeg 84B767FF-188A-44C3-B846-4E0BCE596339.jpeg DE75EE2D-9FEA-47D3-BC2B-6E5CF245AF39.jpeg
The bulk of the pavers are down. They are in the process of doing all the cuts. Next week they'll do the area between the old and new garage with a different type of paver plus the prep underneath isn't as intense. Not going to be parking there. Block walls in back are almost done too. In front of the lower section I'll put in some regular dirt so I can put sod down for when we get pooches again. Dogs love to have grass to roll/play on. We had to put our two down in February because of major health issues. Miss them terribly. Still have my two cats. Dart and Cuda.

A56CA2C9-987C-4B96-99D0-1D122B919EAC.jpeg B4384432-2F14-4F21-82F6-083E9D8647F9.jpeg 1285E910-7FB4-4CB7-9C5F-234541BC22F7.jpeg B978957E-3873-4F84-A2E2-9C9725F66ED9.jpeg A1C4733C-9967-47D5-A2DA-7B66C9E9EF86.jpeg
Moving along at a pretty good clip now and looking nice.
I'm loving the no sand and all hard surface out front. Inside of the house should stay cleaner too. Plus garage which is most important.:lol:
The pavers are all the way done now. We also had them do the area between the old and new garage. That will help keep the sand down. They will wrap up the rest of the block/rock work tomorrow. On Saturday I plan on bringing my trailer home. Its been over at my friends place, he used to own the Coronet, since 8-19. We still have two more jobs that need to get done for the final inspection write off. The asphalt approach needs to be done and I have to drywall at least the ceiling in the old garage. With the building codes requiring the new garage to be fitted with fire sprinklers, that meant that the house and old garage had to be retro fitted with them too. I'm going to buy a drywall lift from Harbor Freight so I can do it. I get to learn another new skill doing drywall. It'll come in handy when we redo the inside of the house.

A857B70C-8D66-4CA4-B048-529A6E1BB584.jpeg 5FC2A9F3-44D5-4259-8682-D197B1EF3CDA.jpeg 22FB0615-B132-4489-A8AC-71E18CC49EC0.jpeg DA1A3A62-EC1F-4C66-B002-4BE2AE2A4461.jpeg
You're going to need one of those robot vacuums to clean all that area!
Alright. Pavers/block/rock/DG job is done now. Looks very nice. I brought my trailer home yesterday. Its been over at my friends place for 1 1/2 years. I had originally planned maybe 6 months, then bring it back. That got shot down with the issues from the prior contractor thinking we were Ned Beatty. Still working on that too. All we have left to do for the final inspection sign off, as far as we know, is the asphalt approach from the street to the concrete and me drywalling the ceiling in the old garage. Once thats done I can put stuff away, organized, in the garage plus empty out the trail which has the bulk of my equipment. 4 post BP lift, welders, metal forming machines, shelving, steel, benches, stands, jacks etc. Plus the engine/trans/GV assembly, car parts etc. Once its emptied I'll hang the for sale sign on it as I don't need it after its empty.

D5A35BAE-9EBB-4C8C-89B9-0B993EAD88D5.jpeg FCF2C5B8-CE6E-4940-A547-76444AAC909A.jpeg 9CE600B1-EDB8-439F-BB4F-DCB41EA3ACEA.jpeg FB8B43DD-BC7D-4E3E-A57C-D44CD000C6BF.jpeg 175E1FB6-1793-4EDF-BCA5-AB2F23DC4207.jpeg E9D6996B-A5E8-4D91-9D54-ABF83C91EBD6.jpeg
This is what the inside of my trailer looks like. Lots and lots of stuff/equipment/supplies/parts etc.

B43AC642-29B5-4971-94EF-EABD235DBE12.jpeg 7CC12D58-6A6C-4B75-929A-9A52C5400A44.jpeg 7A32EF88-6998-4606-8A23-31F8728EB5E2.jpeg
When the crew did the block/sand/paver job, I had them put a post in for me[ sunk in Crete] for a gate to seal off the back yard. This last week I made up the frames, trimmed the pickets, added a dead bolt to the gate then my wife and I got all the pieces painted up. After having the backyard wide open to 2 and 4 legged vermin for 1 1/2 years, its now sealed off. Ferocious yard tiger[ dart] was stalking us as we worked.

4BA195F8-B55A-4BA8-B958-84BCDFBAADA3.jpeg 95A7F7DA-4D86-4A4E-A421-8674684AAA9C.jpeg 3BD26257-8D08-4741-B9FB-15E37756C54B.jpeg 1776A6B6-3AED-4AEC-AFE5-E8CFE3500A4D.jpeg
You've done a great job thus far...I sure hope when I manage to get mine completed it has as much attention to detail...
I got the ok from the county inspector last week to go ahead and put shelves up and equipment against the walls. He had me keep stuff away originally so the electrical could be seen. He came, he saw, he gave me the go ahead. Cool dude. I brought my compressor and one safe over from the old garage. Got them in place. Need to find the biscuits to mount the compressor on. SOMEWHERE in the trailer. Was able to get the shelving put together. Started populating them. On the big ones, I put some blocks under the mesh to support what's in the Chlorine buckets. Copper coated lead. Lots of it. VERY heavy. :lol:.
I'll keep plugging away tomorrow. Once I get the trailer emptied, its going up for sale as I don't need it anymore. The funds from that will give me the scratch for the asphalt approach job and the drywall materials to do the old garage.

8CAC8CF0-3DAB-4703-962F-1285DB76ECE1.jpeg DEB9B7B7-D112-4AE0-AABD-1A45B0823B72.jpeg AA855FCA-03D1-4BB6-9CE5-9F7848F47CF9.jpeg 7CE7EF87-F4AE-4C25-85E7-4DB0362F4E3A.jpeg C645B672-0CA8-4E20-B719-F7935AD38621.jpeg 0859D1BD-F96A-42DE-B92F-90EC4A3357C2.jpeg
Been making some progress this week getting the trailer emptied and the garage organized. I should have it empty by the end of the day.

896BB355-C055-40A4-81B1-2785A05FE6C3.jpeg B79C093A-1A5A-4B5D-860B-A89BCB4CD98E.jpeg 95258F5C-3F38-49F4-BE62-88334A819D22.jpeg 3B4F5123-51E3-4A27-829A-7FAFD67F6E81.jpeg 89CA5CE3-826B-4111-AAA2-2FF963EDDC35.jpeg 701C3F9A-5E86-4F8B-9602-CE473DE80E7F.jpeg
As of this afternoon, the trailer is empty! Next week I'll get back after my organizing quest. Once I get some dough, I'll have a company come by and get the lift put back together. I don't feel adventurous enough to tackle it. Not the way I want to thin down.

FBCEB66C-85E2-4613-9371-C19FF9503374.jpeg 57AD57BA-FF17-4190-AAC3-749668872A74.jpeg
I've been working on the air system this week. Got my chiller, recycled commercial a/c condenser[ free], mounted up. Put in some anchors for the compressor and set it on some NS minivan cradle mounts. I layed out the 1" copper lines, pipe was free just had to buy fittings, from my old garage in Ramona. I measured out what I would need then found sections that would work after I squared up the previous saw cuts with a pipe cutter. At first I was just going to toss them up as is, dark oxidized. Then I thought better of it. I got ahold of some acidic gel toilet bowl cleaner and used it along with a scotchbrite pad to clean. Worked great. Had to use a second pad with some Kroil in it to scrub off the immediate corrosion from the acid being rinsed off. Yesterday I cleaned off the Kroil coat with some acetone then wiped on some Sharkhide resin to keep them looking nice. From there I mounted up the line in sections and used Sharkbite fittings to joint them. Once they were most of the way up I found the area to mount my desiccant filter unit. Got it situated then filled the container up. Hooked up the last flex line then pressurized it it stages. All good now. Next on the agenda will be to assemble the lift. I got bids to assemble it but they were double[ on one] and triple[ the other] from what I paid before. I have the manual so it looks like I'm going to tackle it. I get that the crew has to travel 2 hrs from their location to do the job but since this area is a play destination, I don't feel like enabling their play time at my expense. The previous crew had to travel almost 4 hrs to get to me and they charged way less. Time to nut up and dive in like I did on the deck

FEF8FA58-E5D9-4C74-88B0-D0A77CE296BD.jpeg D80B5854-ECBE-417C-BCD2-54292F44E8D9.jpeg 436D1015-043B-4281-9C57-DDE9591CB9B9.jpeg 2C906A58-C211-433A-B61B-668637E5FD7F.jpeg 1B6A4993-2BE6-4F5D-86AE-AC3277BBFBFF.jpeg D9CFA618-C74B-4702-A63C-3B34034386A9.jpeg
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