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Lets start a real life shop tour thread

a while back, my gtx, a buddies cuda, and a challenger I was working on. my shop 24x36 pole barn.
my garage.jpg
Looks like a movie photo.
Shop is slowly coming along. Drywall is almost complete and I will mud/paint in the spring. Hoping to side it this winter. Here’s a few more pics.

7E1E99BE-59CF-4301-86B0-9C971FF7E272.jpeg D747171D-8E4A-4C49-B101-41C209D6E0A0.jpeg 43C702B4-26C1-40D6-8B2D-42B1A6507273.jpeg
Made some progress on mine...
All exterior work 98% completed...working in the basement now storing tools and car parts...
Next spring I start to tackle the garage interior...

030.jpg Brick 10.jpg 1   7-1-16.jpg 1031182149a.jpg 1123180631a.jpg 1216182025.jpg
Got my new to me oil furnace installed. Can't believe it, but one full day of leaving the fan on has totally changed the breathing factor in the shop thanks to filtered air. Also so much nicer a heat than the old 6KW electric trying to warm the place up and as I get older I have less desire to cut and split wood for gramma's old parlor stove! lol Been looking for awhile for something to retrofit, as my house oil tanks are already in the shop. This one popped up on the local buy and sell... already set up for a shop with a powerless direct vent that just uses the burner fan to draw outside air and blow out the smoke. Currently just mounted on top of my filing cabinets, but I did get the hanging rods with the furnace if I ever want to change that... which I doubt.

oilfurnaceforshop 048.JPG

It's coming along... slowly but at least I have drawers now.
Speaking of bathrooms, trying to stick to a patina/rustic theme it has a tiled floor that resembles old Oak and an old worn out tool box for a sink base. The sink and faucet were salvaged from our kitchen remodel and the stainless top was made from an 1/8" sheet we had laying around. All I have in it is a $100 toilet and the tile which was on sale for $1.99 a sq.... pretty darn cheap.:thumbsup: Still some trim work to be done but it's close, I'd like to hide that 1" supply line with maybe an aluminum driveshaft? My first garage with a sink and toilet... love it!
Here is a couple of our shop, sorry about the mess.
64 fairlane 005.jpg
My shop, always a mess. Seems like I’m always trying to cram 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag.
you guys have some very nice shops some big and some small but very nice ,the trouble I have is I went bigger than needed but collect way to much and they fill up very quick,then hardly any working space any more it is becoming time for me to prioritize the collecting ,I always complained about working on gravel in the rain and sow from hot to freezing and now that I am older than dirt and on my last stretch of life it is time for a change:lol:
Many of you guys are very fortunate to have the land to erect such great garages!!!:lowdown:
Real estate is so expensive here,an average 2 or 3 bedroom house with a 2 car garage,,,property tax is $10g or better:mad:Plus the village and towns bend you over with regs and permit fees!!I rent a garage 10 miles from the co-op I live in for $600 a month.Have a big driveway and room on the side of the garage for 3 cars outside.I can't afford to heat it 24/7 but can get it toasty in 10 minutes if I'm doing something important.
Can't do as much as I used to,,the mind says yes and the body says NO:icon_fU: Have the mind of a 19 YO and the body of a 90 YO:rolleyes:.Now my maintenance is done at my friends shop and now I call him CREW CHEIF:D

1.15-15 022.jpg 1.15-15 024.jpg 1.15-15 047.jpg 1.27.17 002.jpg 1.27.17 007.jpg 1.27.17 008.jpg 2.12 007.jpg 2.20.18 023.jpg 2.22.13 017.jpg 3.4.17 027.jpg
Does that CR say 500R on it, those are a handful:thumbsup:. I grew up on bikes and am really itching to put another in the garage, KX250 if I ever do lol.
Good eye, It’s a 2001 CR500. I’m 62 years old and still love to ride. It’s the 4th 500 I’ve had over the years and you’re right it’s a handful. It only goes out a couple times a year. I have a CRF250x that I ride more.


One day when I’m done with this project, I’d like to clean my shop up to be more of a man cave than a fab shop.