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Lincoln 180 variations


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May 20, 2010
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What is the difference between these welders?
They are all Lincoln 180 Migs. Even going off Lincoln's website as far as I can tell the only difference is part number. The output, speed, fittings, all seem the same.
There is the:
Easy Mig
Pro Mig
Weld Pak
Mig Pak
Not sure, but I'll throw another one into the mix for you. I have the 180 Dual. The difference on that one is self explanatory, but maybe there are different items thrown in as a kit for the ones you listed. Maybe another difference is infinite wire speed and voltage settings compared to tapped models?
Looked at all that too. Speed is identical as well as the accessories. From the 10' gun all the way to learn to weld dvd.
Do you have any Lincoln dealers by you? Stop in and kick the tires, or call Lincoln direct as they are very helpful. The 180 is a great little welder for playing around in the garage. I have welded 1/4" stock with mine just fine.
There is a praxair not to far down the road. I've got a grainger here in town but their prices keep me far from them.

Yea I'm pretty set on the 180 for now. Everyone loves it. I just need to learn MIG. I was getting pretty decent at stik for awhile but probably should blow a bunch of holes in my frame. lol
I have the same as Hunt2Elk the Lincoln 180 Dual. Awesome machine cause it is so versatile with the dual voltage. I love it and do not know how I would get by without the dual voltage now.
Why do you use the dual so much? Do you really move it around where you don't have a 220 plug?
The Pro MIG is typically the professional model, with a metal feeder assembly and better parts. The others are manufactured for box stores to a price point with lessor materials.

You can run the model # at Lincoln's website and read the owner's manual and sometimes see the differences. S/F....Ken M
Do they all have gas capability?

Are some 110 volt only?

Amperage use and output make a difference between units also.

Personally I like the Hobart. TSC sells them.
There must be some differences in the feed mechanisms and possibly duty cycle?
Box store units cut corners on quality. To meet a price point. Look at Cyber welders on Ebay for a deal or their website. If you going to buy a machine look at Miller 175 which is a better built machine than the Lincoln in this price range.
I've had a Lincoln 180 for over 20 years, and its been a great product. I got it from the local welding store, which might have made a difference in quality.
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