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Mean Green the Time Machine

I noticed today that the alternator has a date code o 2-66 but the starter is late 65 ‍♂️.

This car has most of the factory parts still on it I guess it make sense with 57000 miles .I went threw the carb and it’s a 66 afb it was hard trying to read the jets size but I think it’s says 089 ?

884D2DE6-1550-40A0-AB0A-6CA7035BEF56.jpeg 9DF446AA-45F8-4BB9-B676-BA327C4FBF4A.jpeg 255F2FE0-3644-43A3-B556-4498D2DBAA04.jpeg
Oh I also put a duel master cylinder on it has been a busy last few day on the Time Machine…
I got the front alignment done yesterday and the drives like new I went 200 miles yesterday!

321B0276-04D6-4497-9E65-05848D504207.jpeg ED6932C2-862F-4B62-B71E-CE3AE02CA93E.jpeg 11DD2C4C-836C-4608-AE0F-56A38E51524F.jpeg 0160A8CD-31C0-4685-9CF6-FA2E645A5F88.jpeg 23411A19-EC2E-469F-8E1B-F1626BC237BF.jpeg
I found this tack at a yard sale and I think I may hook it up and use it .
I went for long ride yesterday and stopped and took some pics of this old Plymouth Dealership in Beaverton Mi it was called Roman Motors and they use to race back in the day they had a 64 hemi Belvedere and in 67 they ran a RO hemi Belvedere.





What a cool old building!! And so sad that it sits, derelict....
Thanx for those photos.

[oh, btw... that tach? I remember those from when I was working in a parts department; I am certain they are NOT for 66s. They do however work well for 67s, especially dark green ones as I remember in the notes, so feel free to just send it on to me... ;) ;) ;) ]
I was all set to go to a really cool car show but at the last second I decided to drive to the west coast,it’s 18 degrees cooler at Lake Michigan and man I’m so glad I did The car ran great . This machine is a blast to drive much more fun than sitting in a parking lot.






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Very nice 66, and I’m glad I’m not the only Plymouth rocking traction bars and keystones!

I get a lot of comments from people you don’t see them much anymore I don’t think they help much with traction but the car is a day 3 street brawler .

I get a lot of comments from people you don’t see them much anymore I don’t think they help much with traction but the car is a day 3 street brawler .

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I didn’t do it for traction, I did it for looks, I painted them black and put a road runner decal on it. Makes the car different and stand out a little