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Mean Green the Time Machine

I kinda did the same thing that’s funny!!!

Back in the day some guys couldn't afford all four mags so they got two . I had I guy last month tell me that's what he had on his first car a 71 plymouth his grand mother gave him some money and he went and bought 2 keystones and 2 L 60s and he had the factory steel rims on the front.
So when I first got the car I was cleaning it out and found these in the floor under the seat ,almost vacuumed them up .I did some cleaning and ready to go back into service. I got one on !


I picked up a radio delete plate from a member on here and put it in and removed the dead tape deck from under the dash looks a lot better.


So I got both Crome knobs installed I can’t believe they were on the floor and I almost vacuumed them up.


I can't believe it took a month!

Why don't I see any dust or dirt on that dash, mine is never that clean.
Yesterday I went on a 300 mile ride in 91 degree heat and the 383 never went above 180 dang I was impressed ended up at the Gilmore car museum they were having a Mopar show . On the ride mean green turned over to 58000 miles crazy I have put a thousand miles on the machine!!



So the trans is out and getting a rebuild in preparation for a a hurst 10” shotgun converter from 1976 that is made for the the 63-66 727 it will be interesting to see how it changes the launch of the car.

Trans is rebuilt and the the shotgun converter is in and we are ready to install!!



Trans is in and everything is all back together.I found this interesting original bolts for the original u joint which was and is still in place .

I had to replace one of the mufflers and I found this old stock one at a tractor and farm store in a small town and it sounds really good most of the parts I have replaced one this car are from the seventies and early eighties.


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