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Mechanical Fuel Pump Failure


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FBBO Gold Member
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6:33 AM
Jan 11, 2022
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Fredericksburg, VA
Went out to take the GTX for a ride yesterday, and once I got it started I noticed fuel leaking down. Upon inspection, it appears the mechanical fuel pump has failed. Fuel appears to be leaking from around the center of the pump (rubber gasket), but I am not absolutely certain of that. It does not appear to be coming from the fuel line connection points. Figured it would be easiest to just buy a replacement fuel pump. However, I am having difficulty finding the correct replacement for the pump. The only fuel pumps I saw on Year One and Mancini appear to be high flow mechanical fuel pumps that are otherwise designed the same as the original fuel pump. Does anyone know what the correct fuel pump part number would be for a stock Hemi car for 1969? Given that the car is essentially put together as factory stock, I would like to stick with that. That being said, if there is not harm in using the replacement ones offered by Year One or Mancini, I will go that route (but damn they are expensive). Any insight or help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Get a rebuild kit from then and now automotive. Rebuild the one you have,.
Or, send it to Then and Now if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. There isn't to much to it, and there are videos on the web showing what is involved.
Thanks for the feedback. I will look into Then and Now. Based on this feedback, am I correct in assuming that replacement fuel pumps for my car do not really exist for sale?
Would be a 4024. I have have some and also have NOS 6903 which would have been later replacement. I can also rebuild yours. Instant message me if interest. Since we are near by.
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