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My latest fabrication.

493 Mike

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7:33 AM
Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
The rear rotors would not come off my son's 2006 Town and Country and I did not want to wait for a store bought puller so I made one. It will work on 16" and smaller drums and rotors. I had all the materials in stock.

Common problem around here.
A liberal coating of never seize and we still have tough ones occasionally.
We help fix other people's stuff and if they were installed dry it can really be a pain. Torch sledgehammer etc...
Heat the rotor ONLY on the last 1" of the O.D. Keep moving around the rotor and tapping it with a dead-blow.
When the rotor expands off of the fit it will get loose and come off easily. Nice puller though! I'd worry about
ripping the E-brake shoes apart if it has them?
Nice but over kill and not needed. Glad your plan worked for you.
Nice but over kill and not needed. Glad your plan worked for you.

Wouldn't it be useful to provide your valuable knowledge as to why it's "overkill and not needed"?
Usually a combination of tools and techniques are required - this puller looks like a great idea, perhaps used in conjunction with heat and a hammer?
Building things like this keep the mind active it may be small but they lead to larger projects. And keeps people active instead sitting on a chair looking on the web.
Don't be a jealous asshole! AND he built it with stuff he had on hand.
You Stanton are a real AssHat. If what he made works for him that is just fine and I applaud the effort. My comment was over kill and not needed. I said that because I have other ways that work for me. With that being said you want to call names. You are a real piece of work you ignorant PRICK.
Nice , looks like that will lend itself to many uses.
I had to beat the hell out of the fronts and use penetrating oil on my "only" 5 year old Renegade.

I've never had them that bad, not even when I did my then 140,000 mile Dakota.

Anti-seize went on when the new ones did.
I had a front rotor on my friends van (he lives on a dirt road) where after a day or two I was forced to remove the whole hub assembly.
Took it to my friends 100 ton press with an acetylene torch. I think we were at 45 tons when it popped loose.
Sounded like a bomb went off.
I don't think even Mike's nice puller would have removed that sucker it was practically welded on there.