NAG 1 Controller- does it really work?

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  1. hudsonhornet7x

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    Jul 20, 2014
    Plumer, Pa
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    1:00 PM
    So with my project I am going with the Mopar plug and play efi for the 392 engine because I got a great deal on it. I recently started looking at NAG1 controllers and have read some mixed reviews.

    Is the PCS Nag 1 controller plug and play or is there a lot of screwing around with software stc/ to make it work?

    At this stage I just want to drive my car as it has been off the road for some time. Would i be better off with a 4l80E for simplicity?
  2. Darius

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    10:00 AM
    I have the first one (one of the first gen) after market computers for the NAG1. It works just fine. I had some issues getting it dialed in but once I got the name of the guy who can program it from the people who sold it to me all was good.
    Contact Russel Drake at he is the most knowledgeable as far as I know. I ma running a 5.7 so I don't know if there are any issues with a different engine.
    I have wondered about the plug and play/NAG1 relationship now being marketed and have seen nothing from anyone who has tried it.
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