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Need help to ID cam numbers.


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Nov 9, 2021
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I got the old cam out of the 440. The new Isky 292 runs great. Fixed my problems. I'm trying to figure out what the cam that came out of it is. Just want to see if it's something somebody on the forum might use. Thanks Bob


21 306 4 shows to be a comp 270/470
Serious pinging. Even with 0 degrees initial and 24 total it still pinged at anything over 1/4 throttle. 175 cranking pressure. New 292 isky mega cam and it runs fine with 36 total And 80 cc stealths.
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That cam should have been just fine. 270/224/110. Motor was a flat top 2355 with 452 heads. 750 dp on a RPM. 3000 stall and I’m guessing 3.23 gears. Nothing obvious when it was down and the heads were off. Thanks guys.
Did you degree in the new cam? Old cam maybe way too advanced in the motor. I'm betting your new cam had 10-15° more duration, enough to change octane requirements.
I didnt install it. The shop I used just did a dot to dot Cloyes timing chain set. The 9 position they took out looks like they had it in right. I took no chances and replaced it all,

Those nine position crank sprockets can be wrong, eight out of nine times. If it WAS wrong, that could explain the pinging.
Yeah they told me it was installed wrong, but the way they marked it sure looks straight up to me. Wallace calcs say compression was 9.81 with the 88cc heads. New comp is 10.2 with the 80cc heads.
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175psi cranking pressure, iron open chamber heads, no quench........ seems like it would problematic on pump gas to me.

The new heads & cam should make noticeably more power.
It sure did. I hit 90 in second on the freeway on ramp. I couldnt hit 40 before.
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