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May 9, 2009
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I have never been much with the whole # matching stuff so I need some help here. I got a guy offering me a 1968 r/t Coronet with matching numbers 440 engine. What do I need to look for to first make sure it is a R/T car? Second what do I need to look for to make sure it is the 440 that goes in the car? Thanks for the assist...... :grin:
Your VIN Plate should read WS23L8 W-Coronet S_Special Price 23-Two DR. Hdtp L-440 and 8 is Year,the rest is serial #s The Data Plate will not have the vin # on It, However it will have a VON #, This number on date plate should match # on Radiator support and the trunk rail, The Vin # should be on back of motor buy oil sending unit, which will be hard as hell to see, on you trans, serial # (VIN) should be on right side bose, also go over by shift linkage the is a series of #s stamped on trans, right were pans meets rail, should start out PKxxxxxxxx, I Have 3 68 oronet RTs, if you need any more info, e me [email protected]
Got the VIN or the codes from the fender tag?
On 1968 and later engines the numbers stamped on the lower rail of the engines right (passenger) side match the last 8 digits of the cars vehicle identification number. This confirms that this is the original engine.
Sure don't. What vin # or letters would tell me if it is an rt or engine size. This guy emailed me pics and told me about it. I am thinking of going to look at it, and wanted to know what to look for.
268s got the break down above...I don't know why his post took so long to show up on the thread cause I don't remember seeing it. To find the VIN on the motor you'll have to get under the car because the VIN on the block is on the passenger side of the block just above where the oil pan meets the block.
Your not going to find the VIN on the data (FENDER) Tag of a 68 Coronet R/T Your gonna find the VON, which is on the Radiator support and the trunk rail, the Vin plate will tell you it is a R/T...WS23L8 then sequence #s which are not on the data plate or Stamped anywhere else on the car, In other words the Vin Is NOT stamped on the Body anywhere, the Vin is on the Dash, Motor, and trans..Also on title.Your title should read what is on the Dash, not what is on the Data tag. I have been all over 3 68 Coronet Rts, no VIN on Body, just on Dash, Not on data tag. If the Vin on Dash Reads WS23L8 Then it is a 440 RT, unless someone changed Vin plate on dash..Check # on data plate, look on inside of radiator support, usually middle drivers side, open trunk, move rubber trunk seal, drivers side and # (VON is stamped on truck rail there, these two places (numbers should match bottom # on data plate, if they don't then radiator support has been replace, or quarter has been replaced. to find out if is a #s matching car you have to look for the Vin on the Motor and the Trans..Hope this helped you some
I've run a fever so high I was time-warping last week (long story) but I don't think the VIN's were on 68 motors and trans. Should be the VON. VINs were 69 and up

I think
You sir, are correct!! 69 and up were vin stamped on motor and trans... the shipping order # (on build sheet and fender tag) is what should match the trunk lip, rad core, motor n trans on 68
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You sir are wrong ,there will be no vin # on a 68 Rt data plate, in 69 is when they started putting the Vin # and the von # on the data plates or fender tag, in 68 you just had the VON..vehicle order #.. if you have a book that breaks down data plates, check it out..:yes:
I always play nice, thank you, but look in the Book, vin #s were not on your data or Fender Plates till 69. the vin #s on a 68 were stamped on the top back of your Motor, below where oil sending unit is and on rigth side of trans on pad, trans # and date code stamped on trans by shift lever..Not trying to argue with anyone just a fact.