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new guy, new car, BIG problem, i think, gas leaking


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Oct 27, 2009
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hey all...
1st thanks for letting me be part of this fine group...
i picked up a 72 sateliite with a 318, restored and real nice...

need to to do some work to her which i have begun...
in order to clone her into a RR... almost there...

here is the big problem, got her Friday, drover round the block, fine!
today adter detailing her to death, i figured i would put some carb cleaner in tank due to her hesitating a lil bit...

next thing i know... she is leaking fuel from above the tank...didnt look like the tank itself...:mad:
hard to tell with gas leaking all over the place...! she stopped now!

any ideas? did the additive do some thing, where should i go next?

also the mint cragar rims the seller told me about are pices of shi*! all pitted and sliver painted
need new rims ...
best place to look?
any suggestions?

attached is a pic of car...
thank s again for all your help in advance!

Welcome to the club. Try tirerack.com for the rims. I didn't now that 73-74 hood would work on a 71-72. that's good to know.
Assuming you're talking about something like Berryman's B12, it shouldn't have done anything to the tank or lines. Maybe there is an issue with the vent (front of tank hear sender) or maybe the tank has pinholes in the top and it just got to full.

Be careful. Look closely for the obvious. And if you have to, drain and drop the tank.
I got a wicked leak last summer after I filled the tank full first time for the season. The rubber hose connecting the sending unit to the vent tube was cracked. Look up between the axle and the tank where the sending unit is. Good luck!
Clean car you got there.

Yeah, the sending unit faces the front of the car and is toward the top so I suspect the gasket or the hoses are leaking.
yeah i learned that tanks rust from the inside out. had that problem with my 72 harley. had to buy a new tank so there is that possibility
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