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non-cogged fan belts


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May 12, 2014
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Does anyone know where to buy non-cogged fan belts for a 69 charger 440w/air? I would like to stick with the original style/ look belts and the reproductions do not like high RPMs. TIA :thankyou:
Been using the Quanta cloth wrapped belts for years with no issues. They should have those that are date coded for '69 cars.
Quanta is the most likely source. I had some belt issues on my 67 GTX with AC and Quanta belts a few years ago. But I never was able to figure out the issue. It threw one and broke it and I put a temporary belt on one a pulley ground right through the water pump belt and the debris rolled the two AC belts and de-pulleyed the PS belt. A lot of people called them show poodle belts. FWIW - Switched to Daytona outer cog belts and they have been good - but they don’t look original.
Top cog belts are for high performance.
Regular belts aren't great for high rpm.
Those good year gatorbacks were the worst.
I will admit to running a Quanta belt on my 66 427 Corvette and haven’t had any issues with wear, throwing or rolling. But then all old Corvettes have a bit of show poodle in them.
Quanta belts work great on a car that isn't seeing any real RPM but once you sendit they are gone!!!!
Ask me how I know. I try to find Mopar Replacement on the internet and ebay if you know your lengths they are out there.
The cogged belts last longer because they run cooler...less internal flexing.
But they also stretch more because there is less material holding them together.
The quanta belts lasted one short drive to a show for me. Stretch city. only real option I found for a smooth top was continental. I read someplace that those are the old Goodyear gatorback line. I’ve found they squeal no matter how much I pull them tight. I noticed the alt is cocked ever so slightly and plan to do some work to get it perfectly aligned. The cogged Dayton belts that were in the car did none of this, but looked like *** in a stock engine bay.
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