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Not my favorite year, BUT THE definition of the ULTIMATE representation of the "Roadrunner" concept as Plymouth described...


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The Roadrunner: A better than average Muscle Car that "average" people could afford, and THIS is as good as it got in its first year:

Now my favorite year is the 70, that I was blessed to find probably the perfect one for me-for my purposes, and while I have great respect for the Hemi, and we ALL can point to the Hemi in a "best performance engine by manufacturer" pissing contest, I love my V-code Roadrunner.
I have the greatest respect and gratitude for ALL A-12 cars, because my V-code and all others may never have been if not for those first 440x6bbl examples, AND the A-12 cars were all business, unlike the ways the GTO "Judge" that was supposed to be the more basic version of the GTO wound up having many optioned WAY higher than the concept target of "affordable performance".
Yes, the Roadrunner really hit the target with the upgraded with "off the shelf" parts 383, AND a sub $3k price tag, and the one in the video just takes that to its highest level, and the color and 3rd pedal just hit me in the heart and I wanted to share.
When I Bought my 68 Road Runner new, whenever we saw another one we always honked our horn at each other and waved. To me it was like a united friendship, even though you didn't know the owner. Now driving my SRT Challenger nobody cares. Different times.
bio i like your 70rr when you get it done it will be one bmf but i like my 68rr the diet still goes on so far its down to 3195 hope by summers end it will be around 3150
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bio i like your 70rr when you get it done it will be one bmf but i like my 68rr the diet still goes one so far its down to 3195 hope by summers end it will be around 3150
That's like the ultimate "sleeper" when you take a 3,700-4,000 pound car and get it in the low 3k pounds weight!
Late 70s, there was a gutted, lightened 68 or 69 Charger with a red hot modded 340 4 speed that had been added, and it surprised a lot of would be competitors!
I know the BMP aluminum block is going to take a significant amount of weight off the front of my car.
Of course the overall weight advantage is somewhat lost when I'm added as the driver...lol.
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After seeing the early 60's Mopar, the 64 Fury was styling heading in the right direction and the 68 model year pretty much knocked it out of the park for me. I had a tough decision with either the Road Runner or the Charger, but the Road Runner won my heart, 383, 4 speed and sure grip, also the hard top version in red.
I was 7 when my parents went to the local Chrysler Plymouth dealer and bought a new on the lot B5 Blue 69 Roadrunner, 383, auto on the column, AC, bench seat hardtop. The only thing my dad wanted was some "special" mufflers, and I know they weren't straight through, but I don't remember what they were.
In 1971 they sold or traded it for a /6 Dart Swinger in B5 Blue, which was the first car I drove 8 years later. Too bad it wasn't the Roadrunner, but then again it may not have lasted as long.
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Only owned one roadrunner and it was a 68 coupe wearing GTX trim and was a 10.60 race car in 1984. I thought it was pretty funny that nobody said hey that ain't a GTX but they always just said nice GTX. One of the many cars I wish I still had.....
Daily Driver at the time.
Wasn’t purty but the stock 383 was a screamer. Tuesday built Roadrunner.


Molested by a rogue motorcycle that blew a Stop Sign.

a /6 Dart Swinger in B5 Blue,
Your story sounds similar to mine. Dad bought a 68 Coronet R/T new in late 68.
In 1970 he gave the R/T to my brother and bought a /6 Dart Swinger. His was red.
Though this post is about the Road Runner, I wanted to tell this.
The day my Dad went shopping for a new car the dealer had 6 68 Super Bees, all base models.
Had a clearance sale $2700 out the door ! 69's were coming in.
Dad's R/T was $3000 out the door price.
Dad's R/T was $3000 out the door price.
Imagine how relatively cheap Superbirds were with interest racking up from them sitting on the lot for months!
ONE of my "Time Machine" items I would check off...
The local Chrysler Plymouth dealer had a lime green Super Bird in the show room window for 3 years.
I believe they never did sell it. At one time they had a collection of Muscle Cars in their basement.Dodges and Plymouths.