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Old Man Truck


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Aug 2, 2011
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So I've been thinking about off loading my 03 Cummins, I don't drive it enough and the wife refuses to drive it. Yeah it's a bro truck, 6" lift and 37" tires. I've been looking for 92 and below. I found a 77 step side, 360/4bbl Holley, a little rust, crappy door panels. I was considering to offer a trade(used dealer). I haven't contacted them because I noticed the breather/oil fill was missing on the engine pic, but no oil in the bay. Is this even worth a two hour drive? I'm debating on losing the two extra doors with a child, wife and dogs but we usually take her car or Wrangler. Was looking for a Quad Dakota but all I find are 4.7, want a 5.9.
I'm thinking tax return season is underway and I might able to sell to a kid with a flat bill cap and mullet. Man I'm conflicted. First time I've ever wanted a truck without a lift besides my R/T.
Wait for a 5.9 quad or go old?
If you are used to the space, you’ll hate it. I got an suv four years ago. Not sure I can go back for a dd. I wouldn’t drive a 77 in the WI winter, love thise too much to see them rust. I did it when I was a kid though and it was all I had. It will also take awhile to get it in daily shape. I used to three season drive a lot of different Mopes. Took several going throughs to fix all the hidden hillbilly work, worn parts, and things I flat out didn’t like and wanted done my way. They can be pretty tough once all hand built.
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It won't be drove in the winter, I DD the Wrangler and protect from salt with fluid film.
This will be for hauling home materials, hunting and boat launch(two blocks away).
Oh well then I’d totally do that. I’d like to get back in a tin grill, just don’t find any to my specs. The 360 would be nice, especially if it has or you end up bumping the compression. My 79 d300 shocked a lot of people. With headers and intake and ignition it’d pin you back from a dig. It was a hoot.

Be sure you get all you should get for a pre emissions diesel.
Have you ever had a Dakota?
Ultra cheap to fix, ultra reliable(EFI) comfortable, AC, will pull at least as much as the older truck...

I am just saying going from an 03 to a 77 might be a system shock.
And don't discount a 5.2 if you go a smidge older on a Dakota. The 318 Magnum is plenty stout, and was basically the Chrysler pony car engine of the 90's.

25 years ago i kinda turned my nose up at the smaller trucks. I am older and wiser now and own a 98 5.2/5 speed and I kick myself for not looking for one 15 years ago.
you might find the wife is not interested in driving a 77 either, but you might have to fight her to drive a Magnum powered Dakota!
There are a lot of members here with similar stories to mine that wouldn't trade their mighty Dak for anything else....
Yeah, I've had a 99 R/T and an 06 Laramie TRX4.
I was really hoping to find a four door 5.9, don't think the came with a 5.2 and I didn't dislike my 4.7 I'd rather have the la/mag type engine.
She'll drive an old truck, just not a lifted one.
Yeah, I've had a 99 R/T and an 06 Laramie TRX4.
I was really hoping to find a four door 5.9, don't think the came with a 5.2 and I didn't dislike my 4.7 I'd rather have the la/mag type engine.
She'll drive an old truck, just not a lifted one.
4 door 5.9 is I think, maybe only like a 2000-2001, maybe 2002 option. Maybe 1999, but I don't think so. Any Dakota from that generation in WI will be hard to find without rust. You can find quite a few ext. cabs from that era with a magnum but 4 doors came later and rapidly went to the 4.7.
I did a very limited google search, I mean there is a 2000 4 door.... in CA with the 5.9. They are out there I am sure but odds are slim it will show up in WI. Not at a dealer.
Now a Durango with the 5.9? I bet there are 3 of them within 50 miles of you on FB market right now. Seems back then either the dealers or the buyers would splurge for the bigger engine on a SUV but not on the Dakotas for some reason. Best friend from years back had a 5.9 Durango brand new when I was in HS. That thing was a blast! they bought it to tow their camper. But mostly it ran errands and my buddy got to drive it around a lot.

I tend to echo the sentiment in the first response here though, to get an old 70's truck in nice shape takes a lot of effort and hidden money. You can get them into driving sorta beater sorta decent condition reasonably. To get them into nice shape takes a lot of effort or money, probably both. This is why there are so many overpriced, not really that great 70's Fords for sale in WI. They all run OK and look OK, but none are nice, and by the time they are nice the price is up over $15k then, because that is what it takes to get there.

You said this one was at a dealer, well, they won't stand behind it due to age and they have it marked up then. The unwillingness to even buy a cap that is missing on the engine tells me they have little into it and want to keep it that way. I would do a really, really good inspection on it if you go check it out. Just remember all the little things, stuff like the window seals and window cranks, does the heater work or is the core plugged/leaks(it is WI, late August even you might need a defroster if it is damp out) wipers work, all the signals/tail lights, horn(not because you need it but because it might be shorted out) do the doors sag and need hinges or otherwise, scratches in the windsheild(they WILL bother you later lol) look under and check rockers, floors, cab mounts.
It can be easy to get excited about a classic. It can be hard to step back and see them clearly, and especially if you need it for more then just an infrequent weekend leisure drive or to go on any trips greater then 5 miles from home, even once.
Maybe you thought of all that already, I just see a guy with an 03 cummins(pretty dang modern!) looking to go to a 77 stepside. Those two things are not comparable! Just make sure you aren't using utility and such to justify buying a project classic as you dig into this.
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