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Vintage Chevy truck ad where they drop a truck onto a dock.

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Apr 13, 2012
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I've looked and looked but I can't seem to find it.
Maybe I'm remembering something wrong but I thought that I saw a Chevy truck ad when I was growing up.
They dropped a C-10 from something like 20-25 feet onto a loading dock to show the durability of the truck. I thought it was blue and white.
Ford did a similar ad with a red and white truck but theirs was a pitiful 4 feet above ground.

Dodge had their ads doing the same thing. Dodge used red in their ads.

Youtube has a lot of vintage truck ads but I can't find the one where they dropped the Chevy.
Did I imagine all of this?
A bit before my time or at least that I would remember. I do recall them ending commercials showing the trucks dropping just enough to bounce the suspension for quite some time.

The most infamous ones in the 80's were showing Ford and Chevy driving up the "mountain". Then one did it with the other on the bed. Then one did it pulling one with one on the bed, etc.

Not sure why they stopped doing all those crazy ads, they were entertaining. In the 90's we got all the slow motion "heartbeat" and "like a rock" ads and Ford went to blasting through snowbanks with theirs. As a family farmer, I used to LOL at the "durability" shown when they stacked like 6 hay bales on the truck in the GM ads. OH MY! A whole 200lbs payload!

Then they went to dumping gravel in the bed and pulling things around, like a log, or pulling a sign over.
I quit watching TV like ten years ago so I don't know what they do now.
Like to see them drop a brand new bloated soccer mom truck. Probably blow the tires because they weigh so much. I'm sure the aluminum control arms will be just fine.
Lee Iacocca used to do the ads where they dropped the Dodge Trucks. I also remember them dropping a Ramcharger.
I don't recall the Ramcharger ad.
I'm still looking for the Chevy TV ad. Nobody I know seems to remember it.
I often have vivid dreams. This has sometimes led me to sometimes think of something that I thought I saw or did and be unsure if it was real or from a dream.
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