SOLD P4529973 Mopar 304/571 A Engine Solid Camshaft

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    Brand New in Original Box
    A Engine Solid Lifter Cam
    It was designed for Mopar Oval Track Program
    It is on a tight 106 Lobe Center and not 112 like
    the Drag Cams used to be put on.
    In our Dyno Tests it made Significantly more Mid Range
    Torque than the Wider lobe Center
    (Approximately 20 Ft Lbs @3500 - 4500).
    It had a bit looper Idle but not terrible.
    It is camshaft only as i used the lifters on another Race Car.
    $175.00 plus the ride

    20211018_130135.jpg 20211018_130140.jpg 20211018_130200.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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