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Paint cracking

Anyone have a WAG what it would cost to have the door repainted and blended with a factory color(lacquer paint, I think). I’m assuming it won’t need any body work.
Lacquer paint is really difficult to find locally anymore which is necessary to have it custom blended to match. A lot of the toners are also not available for blending. If it was painted in the last 25 years it’s most likely not lacquer. A good paint shop can probably tell what it is. A good quality single stage urethane like PPG Concept is probably your best bet, especially if it hasn’t any metallic in it. Sanded and buffed out it’s the closest thing to lacquer in appearance however it cannot be faded/blended into lacquer or enamel. Try using a white towel and some compound on a small area. If no color transfers to the towel then it’s BC/CC. If you get some green tint on it then it’s single stage lacquer, enamel or urethane.
GM used lacquer, your road runner had enamel when new. If you think it may have been repainted with lacquer, you can find out quickly by seeing if a rag wet with lacquer thinner will remove the paint in a hidden area.
Who ever installed the lock cylinder/ emblem after the car was painted ,probably needed to file the paint build up around the holes to make the parts fit . Allowing moisture to be absorbed by the primer / filler that was left unpainted.
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