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Paint Gun And Compressor Questions

Thank you. Sorry my late reply. This gives me a lot to chew on for a while and may add more questions. Thank you all again and it is greatly appreciated.
Something else to consider with that small compressor would be finding a used tank (bigger the better) to charge up a day or so before. Once that little compressor starts running while painting it's going to heat up and not keep up. If you have lots of air stored before you start it will help a lot, even with small jobs.
How hard would it be to run some 220? Honestly you'll be a lot happier in the end, spend once and spend smart.

To answer your question on the part it would probably be somewhat difficult to run 220 right now plus if I/we don't move in a few years depending on life then I would be adding on to make more storage. Right now I'm just working with what I have here and just getting a idea/list together to how to tackle this. What I'm think is I'll start out small and go from there. There is a lot of a little pieces I would need to paint such as the jack handle, brake booster, exhaust brackets, and etc.
Its been many years, but I had some great results from the cheapy harbor Freight smaller sized gravity feed gun... I used it to prime and paint parts, nuts and bolts... I think one started painting poorly so I threw it out and bought another... They were like $5.99 back then....
NOT suggesting you paint cars with it, but for the many many other parts I was able to use a better quality primer and paint wth this gun than a Rattle can job, and it helped me practice using a gun...
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