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Polish Or Bead Blast Aluminum Rims

Have access to an engine lathe that's big enough to swing them? If those bolts do come out, I'd go back with something with round heads....and do some little mods to them like bevel the outer part where the weights would usually go on a normal rim. Bevel the ID part of it. I might also put a 1/8" or 3/16" bevel on the round areas. Do a very small one (1/16"?) first to see if you like the effect but even a 1/16" bevel can have a good effect. Cast aluminum rims are usually pretty thick for doing stuff like that but it's a good idea to check the thickness with a spring caliper. I did that to some slotted mags years ago and it really made them look a lot better. Doing little things like that can make a big improvement.....
Not my favorite wheel, as it reeks of the 80's. Dude, nice Camero!!
15x8 so a good size. Now minimize the cost and effort to see if it pans out. I believe that the finish problems are the factory powder coat clear failing, not corrosion.
Remove the fake bolts, media blast, and clear. The finish should be a bright grey. You might like it. Paint the bolts wheel color.
I would suggest you might like it better fogging some silver base coat, then semigloss clear. Detail in the black area. Main thing, minimize time and cost.
Lmao they just happened to be stamped 1986! I know "I" can make them look presentable to just about anyone (lol, even you!) if I can get them prepped right. They look much better cleaned up with the center caps...but yes some of the clear is gone and the aluminum beneath it is oxidized