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portable spot welders.


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Jul 22, 2010
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I've started researching portable spot welders for some of these external pinch welds like rocker bottoms, quarter to wheel house, quarter bottom to trunk extension etc.

Does anybody use one in their shop? Any tips on good/bad? brands or features to look for or stay away from?

For now, I've decided to go with the Miller LMSW 52T

I want a lenco panelmaster... maybe in a few years. :)
I saw one of those lenco machines on st Louis craigslist. they do look sweet.
dave yes the smaller hand held units are nice also make sure you all the different tongs to because they come in very handy
Looking for the wheel opening weld tongs for miller. HTP has them for their hand held unit, but I don't see those type of tongs listed for miller.

"These are not the tongs you are looking for...."
I have a 110volt Dayton,seems to weld really good,wanted a 220volt but this 100 does great,dont really see the need for the 220volt..I can weld 2 pieces of metal,,pull apart & the weld stays & pulls hole in other piece so I guess its doing its job..I do wish I could find some fenderwell tongs too..looks like they are pretty pricey for any tongs


"These are not the tongs you are looking for...."
Decided to go with a lenco panel spotter unit with a couple different leads/attachments. Standard 2 hander stingers, a dent puller/shrinker and a pinch welder attachment for all the edge pinch welds like rocker bottoms, wheel arch and trunk extensions.
Dave that Lenco is a good machine :headbang:
I just missed out on a ProSpot PR-10 on ebay for $1500.
Was told they are an exceptional machine
Mine is one of these old lightning boxes.


With a uni-spot kit.


And a puller kit.

Went to an I-CAR class Monday night for aluminum F150 repair. Your gonna need one of these.


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