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Power Lock brand sure grip

dan juhasz

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FBBO Gold Member
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2:47 AM
Aug 5, 2016
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Whiting NJ
I’ve got a noisy differential, grumbling unhappy, not a whine. It has a relatively new power lock branded clutch type sure grip.
Pulled out the pig tonight and see nothing obvious wrong. The cross shaft have the angled machined surfaces that fit into the V of the housing. If you look carefully at the photo you will see one side has a significant gap in between the two. Each shaft has the space. I pulled an old sure grip I have and those shafts fit snug in the V.
Is this a problem with the new power lock? First picture is the new one gap on left side of shaft. Second picture is an old original cross shaft fits properly in V.


Usually if you can slide the shafts around somewhat there is too much clearance in the clutch pack setups. Or the clutch packs aren't setup properly? I believe Dr Diff has an exploded view on how they are to be setup.
Looks like the case halves must come together more and that’ll tighten up your shaft clearance.
Please tell us that this isn’t an eBay sure grip from China?
Something is wrong there. Time to take it apart and see what's up.
Live and learn.
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