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Rev-n-Nator x 2 pin resistor


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Jan 24, 2015
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Hello everyone, so I have a 500" big block x 6 pack, using electronic ignition and a Rev-N-Nator set up, I got the entire kit with their coil and stuff. I started having break up at about 5000 rpms. otherwise, the car ran great and pulled hard up to the point of breaking up. Before all this a year ago I had the car chassis dynoed by and old school Mopar guy and had it running excellent, point being I didn't think my issues was fuel related. Also running a Holley Black elec fuel pump with a regulator set at 6.5 lbs. Anyway, I called RT Garage and left a message because reading their tech info my car was doing exactly what they described, and 2 days later Troy called me, great guy by the way. He suggested I remove the 4-pin ballast resistor and use a 2-pin plugged into the blue and blue/brown wires. and leave the other two wires alone or he said I could cut the plug to remove them and cap them off or whatever. I just plugged in the 2 pin and left it as is. With a six-pack air cleaner, you can't see it anyway. Now the car runs stronger than ever, but I have questions / concerns.
1) Will it hurt anything not using the other 2 wires?
2)What are those wires for?
3) Am I risking cooking the coil or my black box?
4) is it possible that it was just a bad 4 pin ballast resistor, and should I try a new one of those?

Sorry in advance for taking the long way to get here, !!! Any thoughts as always greatly appreciated.
A lot of the jobber aftermarket dual ballast resistors , most are 1.2 Ohm or as high as 1.8 Ohm on the coil positive side - With that said you might have had only 6 to 8 volts on the positive side of coil in the run position - The other side of the dual ballast 5 Ohm is not used with his four pin ECU

Did he require a full 12 to 14 volts with his system like the FBO ignition module and pertronix coil

I have no idea what coil he provides or wants you to use - They haven’t produced or provided ignition modules in years so I have never been able to test or run
Hey Bee71 not sure what he requires and I don’t know enough about electrical to ask. That part of the build was done for me and the guys who did it are gone so. I’m stumbling along as best I can. With th 2 pin in place it runs great but I don’t want to cook something and end up on the side of the road.
I would assume your talking single ballast resistor with two spades ?

If that’s the case , in reality your still running a resistor for the positive side of coil

Without knowing the Ohms of that resistor it’s just a guessing game along with the specs of the ignition coil

If it runs great , and your running a ballast resistor for the street - I would leave it alone

I have never found any info on his coil - Specs for his matching coil

I have found this from years ago

Q: Do I need to use a ballast resistor with the REV-N-NATOR?
A: The use of the ballast IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for street use, however, it may be bypassed for RACE ONLY.
Bypassing the ballast resistor may cause excessive heat build-up, if used for long periods of time.
Q: What ignition coil should I use?
-A: For optimal-performance, we recommend the Accell Super Stock Coil, MSD Blaster High Vibration Coil or MSD
Blaster 2 Coil.
Q: Are you experiencing random engine misfires over 5,000 rpm?
A: 1 Try bypassing the ballast. If this does not correct the problem, go to answer 2.
A: 2 First, you have to make sure you have a good tune up and fuel supply. From our testing experience, we have
found in some instances the two wires running to the distributor have been crossed! This can happen when the wiring
harness has been altered or a non-factory distributor has been installed.
Bee71, he did mention getting a 2 post resistor that was 1 to 1.5 ohms which I did. JEGS has them. And he said at his shop they would remove the 4 tab resistors and use just a 2 tab so I’m hoping I’ll be ok. That old Q/A from their site is what I found as well. I’m probably just being paranoid he did call me and told what to try and so far it’s working so fingers crossed. Like I said elec is not my strong point. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks
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