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Scan tool recommendation?


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Dec 3, 2020
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western Maryland
So, this is (obviously) for a late-model car...

My Matco OBD-II scanner is in Texas, with Michelle's daughter. She had it for the drive to college last fall, in the 08 Durango, because it had an intermittent evap code and I wanted her to be able to clear it if needed, during the trip to school. Michelle was supposed to bring it back with her, when she flew home (they drove together, because...mom).


Tonight, my '06 Wrangler's check engine light comes on at startup. Drove to work fine, light popped on as soon as I started it after work. No perceivable miss, hiccup, anything. Gauges are all where they belong (oil, temp, volt). Haven't seen a light on this Jeep since I bought it over a year ago.

I need a scan tool.

I have my ancient Snap-On MT2500 ("The Brick")...but only have cartridges up to '96. Won't read the '06.

It's looking like a scanner is a scanner is a scanner (of course)...but does anyone have one that sucks that I should stay away from? I'm just looking at cheap stuff, like Walmart stuff - Hyper Tough makes a $30 handheld and a $50 bluetooth dongle (phone app required)....if it were you, would you go bluetooth? Or handheld?

I know. "AutoZone will scan your car for free". If I go back every time the light comes on. If I have a scan tool in the car with me (or home in the garage), I clear the code whenever it comes on. With my tools handy, if I need to chase a source and fix it first.

Any thoughts?
I would go with the phone and dongle. A phone has a great amount of computing power. And it's cheap. The hardest part is picking one, and picking the app.
Make sure whatever you buy will work on Mopar.

I have an $80 scanner I bought two years ago that wont work on my '99 Jeep
The 06 is universal OBD-II.

Thought about the phone dongle but none I found would do alternator or battery tests. I can do at home with my VOM, but on the road....so I grabbed a cheap handheld unit.

Small evap leak. Total non-issue. I reset it, been driving it 2 days and no light since.
I bought an Autel maxi check a couple years ago and I’ve been happy with it.
It was 300 or 400 bucks though.

They update it often and add a lot of features when they do. Updates are only free for a year though
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