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Should you save old parts or sell them?

Im a scrap guy for a living.
I mainly haul warranty parts for Ford and Dodge dealerships in my area.
I also clear estates of unwanted
Junk cars,tractors,machinery etc.
I’m always looking for (weight )
to fill trailer.
When I come across (mundane) parts that I think have some value and try to sell them online or at a swap meet.
Nobody wants them…….
The day after I toss them in the scrap trailer I get the call asking if I still have it?????

A recent example I had a rebuilt running Chevy 6cyl from a 64 truck. Advertised it locally online for only $200. Answered lots of questions and sent lots of pics!!
MONTHS later I through engine in the scrap trailer!

Days later I get tons of calls from people wanting motor!?!?
I held on to a lot of stuff for a long time. One year a friend of mine got a table at the Mopars in the Park swap meet so I dragged everything out and sold it for reasonable prices. It was a lot of fun and I managed to sell damn near everything. I got a little money to put back in my car and folks got parts they needed to get their project on the road, win win.
In my "keep" stash, I have two big plastic totes full of '66 Coronet-only parts, trim, and such, plus three decent grilles (complete), bumpers, glass and more. Similarly with the Imperial - trim, lenses, interior trim, two AM radios, and more. And my '69 D300 has its own tote stash. The boxes are marked. And, I have a complete 3,300-mile '73 318/904 from a Barracuda, and 90% of what's needed to build the spare '73 440 engine. All spares.

Everything else? I'll put up a list in the Spring to see what sells. If any of the three vehicles sell, that set of parts go with, more than likely.

My younger son wants the '69 D300, and my older son wants the Coronet.
if you end up selling the parts i am in need of a grill and a bumper for a 66 coronet
If you like your car as-is........sell the parts. They take up room, and your heirs will throw them into a dumpster.

If you’re gonna hoard, don’t hoard a lot or at least box up and label in great detail what you hoard.

Anyone else in the 50 and over crowd with elderly parents will understand why I say this.
My personal experience tells
me to hang on to OEM parts
that are no longer available
thru after market outlets.
The most prevalent being
sheetmetal/body. Especially
when working on a vehicle
that's more than 80 years
My FIL was 82 years old and always a car guy. He never threw out and rarely sold anything. He passed and now I have everything. I am only 53 but I know I will never use some of the parts rebuilding another car. I am fortunate to have his car, preserve it to how it once was, and enjoy it hopefully for many years to come. I am selling old parts to put $$ towards this once-in-a-lifetime build.
Yeah, it pains me sometimes hauling stuff to the scrap yard knowing some one is out there somewhere that could use them, maybe having limited cash where getting this stuff cheap or free would make their day. Just sent an ancient mopar part to a guy overseas for the cost of mailing it. Still kind of a PIA getting it boxed so it doesn’t get damaged, fill out the paperwork for international shipping, drive to the PO (16-mile trip for me) etc. Nice when someone is near enough to pick it up or meet halfway as has happened a couple times.
Living two hours from Carlisle, makes my decision easier. I started giving away stuff I know I’ll never use, to folks I know need it now. No shipping hassle.
If you are going to keep the car your gonna want to keep it alive, you’ll need parts. They don’t make all of them ! There is plenty of stuff they don’t make.
Living two hours from Carlisle, makes my decision easier. I started giving away stuff I know I’ll never use, to folks I know need it now. No shipping hassle.
Ironically a member living about 3 hours away, had asked if I still had the exhaust system from my ’63 with the Flowmaster mufflers. I had it removed so that it could be reused and it maybe was on the car for 300-400 miles before restoration and new exhaust with headers. Posted it a few years ago. So the system I spent $650 for I sold for 50-bucks to a member saying it would be great for him to save his cash. Glad to have someone get a deal on it after sitting in my attic 7-years. Also gave him an AFB SB carb I had sitting around for 30-years.
I recently have been selling every spare part I have. Tired of the stuff just sitting on a shelf when someone may be able to use it. My car is restored, so other than it getting wrecked, I won't need the parts. So a lot of 71 Plymouth parts available if anyone needing anything. Sheet metal is all gone except a roof.
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