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Sprung a leak in a Quincy Air Compressor

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Jul 6, 2010
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NW Pa.
So I was getting ready to winterize the race car and in doing so I was going to leak the motor down so I kicked the compressor on and it cycled then shut off. A few minutes later I hear a bunch of hissing up stairs... As soon as I heard it I had a bad feeling it was the tank.
Sure enough the tank had a little hole in it and was spraying water and mist out.

I know I know, the damn thing needs to be drained a couple times a year... I think he use to drain it but must have slipped his mind over the last few years.

My question is, has anyone had this happen and have you welded the hold up?

my compressor has an air/moisture release valve on the bottom of the tank. i always unscrew it and leave it unscrewed till next use. in my opinion, i would trash the compressor.
If it was a good compressor, just find another tank.
There is a post on a bodies where a compressor blew apart on his grandfather. Trash it and get a new tank.
Thanks guys, I was afraid of that.

I called Tip Tools where dad bought the compressor and they said to get a new tank was around $700.00 which is half the price of a new one.
I was looking and they have re-man Campbell Housefields for $400.00. I'm going to try to stop in and see if the foot print and the plumbing is close to the Quincy and if it is...(I doubt we'll be that lucky) maybe we'll buy the re-man and switch everything over to the CH tank, then try to sell the CH pump and motor. for $150.00 - $200.00.
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