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story time with Ed...... Eldubb style

Mark, we need a picture of you on that Harley with your fringe jacket. :poke:

I'm really not the biker type.... this is all I've got :D ...... probably a few days later

my wardrobe hasn't changed ....... ever :lol:


maybe it was white seat more so than the color........ nice looking bike in that pic
Mark, we need a picture of you on that Harley with your fringe jacket. :poke:
The British Bike Club up here usually go on a week long trip. They joke about coming across Harley guys, who didn’t want to be left behind. So the guys would just keep going faster until pieces started getting loose on the Harley’s. Story I heard.
True story.
A few Harley riders took a trip to B.C. Eventually they arrived at a campground in Osoyoos . Found out a group of British bike owners had already booked almost everything. The Harley guys wanted 2 more campsites. Not all of the others had arrived. Campground owner checked and found that some of the booked bikers hadn’t arrived. So he ripped up the paperwork and two Harley guys got spots.
I enjoyed the story very much. :thumbsup:
After 30 hours straight, that sign might need to have read: "Rest - ya idjit". :lol:
I have almost zero pictures of anything prior to the cell phone era, and it sucks

1990-ish....... dude I know wanted his bike to look like Ted Nugent's Bronco. Hard to believe this was 35 years ago


I think it's a '71


tag teamed this '61 panhead ........ probably 1996


there are also pics of a '64 pan and a '40 Knucklehead around somewhere; I'm obviously looking in the wrong place
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interesting factoid.......... all the bolts and brackets on an old Harley will fit into a small box :usflag:
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