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Sudden oil loss, max wedge clone

Waking up an old thread. Replaced intake gasket and it made no difference, then noticed external oil leak on drivers side, replaced valve cover gasket which had actually split apart (new gasket). Stayed dry for a day.

Oil is on drivers side only, comes down on top of starter, around bellhousing bottom, and even makes its way down the tranny cooler lines. Put dye in it and within minutes running warm had dye at bottom of bellhousing.
No oil above valve cover and valve cover gasket lip is dry. Rear china wall is dry. Oil pressure sender is dry. Dye seems to start showing below spark plug that is above starter, on top of exhaust manifold, and then the top of starter has quite a bit of oil on it.
Drips at bottom of bellhousing, tranny lines, starter.

Not sure where the heck it is coming from so any tips greatly appreciated. If it was rear seal I would not expect oil at and below spark plug but at bellhousing.
Heads were almost new and had just been to machine shop, hope it is not a crack. Are there any oil plugs at back of engine or on heads that might be leaking?

Thanks again.
I sold my Max Wedge clone around 15 years ago, so my memory is a little foggy, however I did use the washers on the intake manifold bolts. I held them in place against the bolt head with heavy grease as I inserted the bolt in place. Here's a question that I don't think hast been asked.... Is it possible that the PCV is defective and drawing oil from the valve cover all the time?
I’ve seen brand new MW replacement heads(518-M) where the outer valve cover rail was more than an 1/8” from being straight/level.
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