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Tire size dilemma


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Mar 26, 2017
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It's time to replace my tires on my 71 RR. I need some pics from you all. I'm using the factory 15x7 rallye, going with BFG's. I'll be putting 245/60 on the front. I thing the 235's look a little small. For the rear I can't decide between a 275/60 or 255/60. Currently I have bias G-60 front, L-60 rear. So I know it's not ideal, but the 275 will fit on a 7" wheel. If you could post pics and rear tire size I'd appreciate it. Thanks
I have 275/60's on the rear of a 68 R/T on 15X7 Keystone wheels and 245/60's on the front. Sorry this is the best picture I have right now.
245X60, 255X60. The 275's fit on a 7 inch rim but bulge out too much for my taste.

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Either one will work, depends on what you want. I’d go 255 also.
Now look up dilemma, you don’t have one here.
275/60/15 for the rear and 225/70/15 on the front is a popular combo. Those fronts will be about .80" shorter than the rears, so not as short as 235 or 245's.
There, now you have another thing to ponder.
275/60/15 for the rear and 225/70/15 on the front is a popular combo. Those fronts will be about .80" shorter than the rears, so not as short as 235 or 245's.
There, now you have another thing to ponder.
Exactly what I have on mine - and don't put the 275/60 on a 7" wide rim.
It needs at least an 8" or the balloon effect will look silly, not to mention wear the tire out from the middle quicker.
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IMHO... the best tire size for a classy look... 255/60-15 on all 4 corners. Period.

I had them on stock steelies 15x6 with hubcaps for long time. Not a problem. Then changed to 15x7 rallyes... even better.

If the trim on 15x8" Rallyes wouldn't miss its objective for the Rallye wheel look, maybe could go with them, but 15x7" are quite enough and quite perfect fit on 255/60-15 shoes


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When I have radials on my 72 b-body with 7" ralley wheels I've been running 245 60-15 front and 275 60-15 rear since 1978.
Presently have GoodYear Poly Glas G 60-15 front and L 60-15 rear.
215/70/14 front on 5.5

255/60/15 rear on 6.5

275 would fit easy on 7"
275/60 rear and 225/70 fronts on my RR.

My "spatial memory" recall tells me a P245-R15 on your wheels should be fine up front, but P255-R15 up front might rub. Do a fit check if possible. Also, a tire dealer might not recommend the P255 for a 7" wide wheel. I tend to agree; and that's why I went with 15x8.5 on my first B body.

Below is my '71 Satellite with G60-14 on all four corners mounted on the factory 6" steel wheels. I recall those tires being close to rubbing on the front, but I never found any evidence of rubbing. I no longer have this car (GTX tribute, but some people used to say fake).

Below is my '79 Chrysler 300 (B body) with P255-R15 mounted on 15x8.5" wheels. All four corners. No rubbing anywhere...ever. However, I always thought the wheel wells on my '79 had more room than my '71. I could be wrong. I sold my '71 in 1980.

(More) Opinion time:
If I had a '71 again, then I would go staggered width front/back wheels so I could have a nice, wide footprint on the back, as well as fill up the enormous rear wheel wells. Up front I would go as wide as possible to fill up the wheel wells without rubbing. Normally, I like the same sizes on front and rear, but (again) the rear wheel wells on a '71 need to be filled up for visual appeal. Also, I would go with slotted wheels if at all possible. Just opinions...tastes vary.

I know what I'm going to do when it comes to getting wheels & tires for my '70 Charger... I'm going to copy @Kern Dog with adjustments for 3.55 or 3.91 gears. :steering:
My old 71 RR 275-60 rear and 245-60 front.

255/70/R15 on 15x8 on all 4 corners. No rubbing and room for more if I choose. I have always run the same size all around and it’s a matter of preference.






My car pics is 15x7 rallye… just happens to be a Charger and not a Plymouth LOL
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