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Top Results at Mecum Kissimmee 2023

We are all priced out of our own hobby! I can't hang with them with 383 automatic 69 Road Runners selling at 165K!

But at least you know the difference between left and right handed studs .
(Without having to look it up.).
And can change your own oil.
I found out about the left handed lug nuts the hard way. My older step brother and I were putting the winter wheels and tires on my parents 70 Charger R/T SE, and he took the right side of the car and I got the left. He had his broken loose in less than a minute and I was still struggling with the first lug nut. He was laughing on the other side of the car because he knew that the lugs were left handed thread,and I was trying to take them off like right handed lugs. So he comes around to my side of the car and says aren't you done yet,so I said no they won't break loose. He said give me the lug wrench and he spun them right off in the other direction. He was laughing his *** off. Lesson learned! Fortunately I was only about 11 or 12 years old and didn't have the strength to snap the studs or I would have had some explaining to do!

moms Charger.jpg
These guys buying cars at these prices are like some of my airplane customers over the years. I put this on one of my customers airplanes many years ago... after his first rebuild. This shot is during his 2nd rebuild, which also included building a complete new set of amphib floats he also destroyed.
No doubt they spend 6 or 7 figures like its nothing,like they are doing it for entertainment! It has taken everything I have to collect what I have in my garage, and I count every dime that is invested into them.
It's great seeing these cars commanding premium prices, but sadly its driving the parts markets off the charts. With all the pressure from the EV markets and big tech....our cars are going into a new stage of ownership. Lets call it, the curator phase. Hobbyist and enthusiasts may need to start RC cars or simply stay above the 1990's collectors from now on. It's super sad how fast older muscle cars seem to vanish from the road. I barely see any out right now.
This is what I was saying that I am seeing happening, the collector/curator market is buying up all the premium examples, and they intend to outlaw and destroy what is left at our level of the hobby. They day is coming when you will only see our cars in museums and collections of the elite well to do owners and actually driving them and wrenching on them will be a thing of the past.
There’s plenty of affordable vintage cars out there, so even if a lot of cars are now priced to the stratosphere, not all are.
If you won’t be happy unless you can buy a hemi Superbird, and you’re not rich, you need a new hobby as you’re priced out! But otherwise there are interesting cars out there for under $20 grand or even 10 grand.
I split my time last year going to cruises and shows pretty evenly between taking my Challenger convertible I bought 25 years ago, and taking my Magnum. I had equal enjoyment driving both cars, the fact the Magnum is only worth a fraction of what the convertible is worth has no effect on that, and thinking about what some millionaire paid for a rare car at an auction never crossed my mind while I was driving my cars!
It is raining here.
Since my truck is diesel I took The Dodge (with the "Space Duster" option) to Lowes early this morning for a 6 by 6 stick of lumber.
The Help was interested in it.
We had a good conversation.
I bet I had just as much fun as anyone that bought a car at that auction.
But that's an everyday occurrence for me.
(Truck happens to have a Dana 70 with left hand studs.)
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