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    Oct 25, 2011
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    Yep, towed the 1969 Coronet R/T from coast of Oregon to Denver with the RamCharger.
    Towing on flat road was no problem at all, it was Rabbit Ears Pass 9.426 feet, leading to the Eisenhower Tunnel pass of 11,158 feet that the old 318/727 did not like.
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    Feb 2, 2014
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    IMO, If you are going to tow a open or enclosed car trailer with anything other than a 1 ton dually, You will want to use an equalizer hitch. Makes all the difference in the world with control and eases the worry about tongue weight. I towed my 26' enclosed Pace trailer with my 78 D 150 club cab and my wife's 2000 Durango with a 4000# car inside a few times with no problem. I would not have even thought about it without that hitch. Nobody flashing their high beams at me at night because of too much tongue weight and no sway.
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    • Runcharger

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      Apr 22, 2020
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      I have occassionally towed a 24 enclosed with a 1500 Hemi. It can do it but I would limit it to once a year. If you are towing regularly nothing beats a diesel dually for stability, BRAKES and not whipping a gas engine to death. We have long steep hills where I live.
      The trailer brakes should handle the trailer weight and you can use a weight distribution hitch to ensure your tonque weight is correct with a half ton. However going up or down a 30 mile 8% grade give me the diesel dually anytime to keep it as safe as possible.
      I currently tow about 600 miles a week with a single wheel, one ton Chebby (not mine and I never will own a Chebby after this one) and a 24 enclosed. The diesel engine brake is a nice feature, the single wheel, 1 ton thing is a joke if you ask me, it would be way better and more capable with a dually setup.
    • Budnicks

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      Jan 16, 2011
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      We do what we need to
      with what we have sometimes too

      hitch height & trailer loaded properly & level is critical
      not ass heavy or tongue heavy

      When I was younger & dumber 17-18 y/o
      I had a newish (to me)
      1976 Chevy 1/2 ton Stepside short Bed P-U,
      350cid, TH350, 3.42:1 12 bolt
      (it got more than 2 times the milage as my lifted, with Q78 35" boggers
      66 W-100 Powerwagon Shortbed with 1 ton 4.56:1 Dana 60's front & rear
      a 68 New Yorker 440 Magnum, w-truck 4-speed granny low, transfer case,
      PTO & winch, heavy ass Home-Made steel plate bumpers front & rear,
      home installed class c trailer hitch/receivers front & rear
      Cheyenne 1500 did have a trailer package from the factory
      brake controller inside
      overload added leaf/spring over shocks, airbags helpers added
      bigger wheels & tires, rated for the extra weight (barely)
      pulling a 16' $1,500 (new) Big Tex Trailer,
      I was proud it was my 1st
      dual axle with trailer brakes on the front axle
      that trailer had 2x12" deck boards, all steel,
      relatively heavy for a small trailer
      I don't remember the actual weight anymore
      total weight ready to go was like 10,000# combined

      I think the biggest issue was brake capacity,
      std disc/drum from the factory & the tow rigs weight
      about the same as the trailer & stuff I was towing
      not recommended at all

      I put 100,000+ miles on it towing all over the western USA
      mostly up & down Calif. when we still had almost 20 tracks still
      over the Sierras & Cascades too, went to Bandimere
      Morrison Co., a couple of times
      I hauled either my 67 Camaro Race Car, 2,100#s car
      several fuel jugs, spare tires, floor-jack,
      plus almost every tool I owned in the back of the PU
      or my 23 T Altered 1800#s

      sorry no photos of the truck or trailer

      Budnicks 67 Camaro 8.98 @ Sacramento early 1980's (brightened up a tad).png

      Budnicks 23 T Ford Altered AA-Gas 6-71 Blown 301ci Donavon (1).jpg

      I really didn't have much if any issues
      I knew how to load the trailer & position the car properly
      so it wasn't too nose heavy or, I put most the heavy tools toward the cab
      I went all over, I know it wasn't enough truck
      but I had the need for speed nothing was going to stop me

      I've towed open trailers, aluminum Featherlite & my old Silver 68 RR
      with my 1999 SLT Dakota 4x4 5.2 ltr, with full factory tow package
      barely a 1/2 ton rating
      many times too, no problems ever
      It's not ideal, but no issues either
      the truck is 4,800, maybe 5,000 full of fuel
      & a few tools, maybe 5,200#s
      the trailer & with the 3520# RR, was over the weight of the Dakota
      grant you, I wasn't towing very far, usually flat-ish ground
      to Sacramento Raceway or Sears Point,
      up to Redding or Oroville (when it wa still open)
      I did tow my next 68 RR I have now from Rancho Murieta (Sac Co.)
      down in the valley up here to 'east of Sonora' with a shitload of tools
      in the back & car loaded down with a bunch of garage stuff
      when I moved the last load...

      I have had some great tow rigs,
      I currently have a 2002 F350 4x4 7.3ltr PS Dually Diesel
      I usually tow with, if I really need to tow something
      that's heavy enough to not use the Dakota

      I hauled for years with a few old late 80s - early 90s
      GM 3500 crew cab 6.3lt diesel, manual or auto, hopped up turbo'd etc.
      another 300,000 + miles
      or lifted & big tires 95 & a 98 Dodge Power Ram 3500 Cummins 4x4s
      I put some 350,000 mile on each, most of it was towing too
      it was like a 'New Yorker' compared to what I was forced to use
      in my early years (Chevy stepside)

      I use to haul all over the USA, in a Kodiac Intermediate
      a Featherlite 43ft gooseneck or 45ft fifth wheel triple axle
      (depending on what years)
      2 car stacked Hauler with living/sleeping quarters
      & every extra part/engine/trans & tool you can think of
      It was like driving 'your couch' down the highway in comparison

      we do what we have to do
      I have well over a million miles under my towing belt

      if there's a will there's a way, may not be the right way
      but we got r' dun

      I will say;
      get something bigger than you need
      in both aspects
      tow rig & trailer, you won't regret it

      it just makes it so much less stress/worries & so much easier
      on everything 'except your wallet'

      have fun
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