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Walbro fuel pump?

There are two sayings that come to mind:
1) KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
2) a fool and his money are soon parted

Knock yourself out old man.
Some times KISS can be applied to making your car more reliable as well, a man repeatedly fixing the same thing or in this case checking the same thing isn't keeping anything simple now is it?
Study the flow charts before purchasing your pump. I'm in the process of doing the same and it's not quite as simple as the advertised gpm. Tanks inc have the charts on their site but to make a long story short the advertised gpm are based off of EFI pressures since these are EFI pumps, once you look at the flow charts you'll see these pumps put out way more gph @ 5-10 psi (carburator pressures) vs 60psi. For example a GPA-2 pump is rated for 430hp with EFI but 610hp on a carburated motor? That's because at 60psi (EFI) the pump is putting out 30-40gph but at 6psi (carburated) it's putting out somewhere around 55-65gph depending on voltage. And there's the other thing to consider, you can have as much as a 10gph difference in output depending on whether you have 12V or 13.5V at the pump.

As far as the naysayers... to much psi, to much flow:jackoff:. Get a big enough return style regulator where the excess returns back to the tank and enjoy the benefit of keeping this **** ethanol moving in the lines where it never has a chance to get hot. This will greatly benefit you with today's fuel!