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Weird dreams....let's see some of yours!

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Apr 13, 2012
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I know that many times, nobody cares about the dreams that others have, but....
This morning I sprung AWAKE from a dream, the likes of which I have never had.
Something was posted online and after some research, I uncovered some Russian plot involving Mafia type business with a local businessman. I got strange feelings that they were going to come after me.
I walked into the shop and heard shuffling, I suspected a bird or rodent but nothing was seen. I brushed it off as being something that I imagined.
I went back to the house and went inside. A closet door was closed that I always leave open and the dogs were nowhere in the house as they always are.
Strange spidey-senses really kicked in.
I went for one of my guns and loaded it, rocked the slide and was ready. I walked through the kitchen to see a man coming through the patio door backing in, trying to be quiet. He had a gun in his hand and as he turned my way, he got two in the chest and fell immediately.
Now, given the prevailing theme of movies and TV, you'd think it was pretty tame. I walked the rest of the house looking for a second intruder but found none, then called 911. I pondered about the risks...maybe another team was waiting to step in as backup...Who wants to wait 15 minutes for Police to arrive when the killers could be there in 3 minutes.
I woke up at 6:30 to this dream...I do not wake up that early anymore unless I set the alarm. THIS woke me up and I couldn't return to sleep.
I laid in bed figuring that this was just an outlandish creation of my own mind but wow....what detail and impact it had on me. I got up and checked the safe. All is well.
I have a history of unusual dreams...How about you?
repeating dreams....... I have a couple, never exactly the same; but very simalar.

Put in a position of having to land a plane.......but it never gets that far.

The other one is approaching HS graduation and have a couple loose ends to tie up to make it happen; I need my books and stuff, but have no idea where my locker is, or the combination if I do happen to find it.

no nightmares
repeating dreams....... I have a couple

Put in a position of having to land a plane.......but it never gets that far.

The other one is approaching HS graduation and have a couple loose ends to tie up to make it happen; I need my books and stuff, but have no idea where my locker is, or the combination if I do happen to find it.

no nightmares
My brother had a book that explained the origins and meanings of dreams...interpretations of course since it may be impossible to know.
Recurring dreams are common.
One I have is a situation that I cannot overcome despite my best efforts. I try, I shift tactics yet I still can't meet the goal.
I can be out somewhere and trying like hell to get home but traffic, vehicle breakdowns, weather and all sorts of things keep getting in the way. I always wake up from these without resolving the issue.
Last night's dream was the first in awhile where I was met with such an intense challenge and was successful.
Covid Dreams!!! Still get them myself and I haven't had the rest of the jabs other than the J&J in 2021...cr8crshr/Bill :usflag: :usflag: :usflag:
I still dream about work, 6 out of 7 nights. Flooding, flying, building collapsed and I can't find my way out through the rubble. I know, I'm screwed up and for a few hundred dollars an hour I can get someone to verify what I already know.
For a LONG time after the sudden death of a close friend, had recurring dreams about him several times a week. Been gone 12 years now. I still have dreams every so often yet. We worked together for almost 15 years. We traveled the country as a team from branch to branch, usually one-week trips, couple of vacations together as part of a work-buddy golfing trip to the company prez’s beach condo. We also endured the misery at the same time from the company prez, who once thought we were golden to wanting us gone. He went through more unbelievable crap than I did finally getting a great severance package some months before I did. He was a notch higher at the company, five-years younger, and a health nut – so reckon that left me with more of a shock. How we relished finding any occasion to give each other chit. He could get me laughing to tears w/o much effort. Before getting my golden leave package, called him from work one morning saying I'm going to resign today; I just can't keep putting up with the BS anymore. He got real insistent on my not quitting; don't do it, you will get a nice separation deal I'm sure of it, you stay put got it? As it worked out that was around $50-grand worth of advice. He was also a huge part of helping me get my own biz started with his network.

We kept close, he got a fantastic job as prez of an organization. We would meet for beers and a pizza about every other week or so. Witty-no-nonsense guy. Those damn dreams. Most with us at work going through one thing or another, usually nothing good and he was usually sick or dying though with that sadness in my heart knowing he was to be gone. In one dream he said, just like he would – “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” I hope it’s true.

Thought about seeing a shrink for a while; but those dreams have subsided for the most part.
I still dream about work, 6 out of 7 nights. Flooding, flying, building collapsed and I can't find my way out through the rubble. I know, I'm screwed up and for a few hundred dollars an hour I can get someone to verify what I already know.
Not quite as frequent, but similar. Stuff related to when things went south in my corporate life. They're an affirmation that I should have bailed sooner than I did. Not the physical stuff like you describe, but the junk that played out in the executive suite. I'm still drawing the imaginary lines between the players, and usually wake up trying to talk my way out of a misstep after being set up. I so don't miss that garbage. I went though the physical stuff with the truck - whiteouts, black ice, nearly killed a few times, drove my way out of it, never had a bad dream about that stuff. My wife and I have both done shrink time, didn't tell us a thing we didn't already know.
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I dream about dead friends and family....every night.
Recurring dream about watching a plane crash, never seen the crash but I see the explosion just over the horizon, or a house, on the other side of the lake.

Also have a recurring dream that I’m Mickey Mouse, and I’m falling, facing up. It’s a lengthy fall and when I hit the ground, I wake up.

Also a recurring dream about very intricate buildings I’m working on, and the problem solving of intricate questions of how to do something. It racks my brain until I wake up, and then I can’t go back to sleep. That one drives me nuts, because there’s so much do do, and the problems require a lot of mental thought.

Yes, I’m weird, my family tells me that all the time.
Recurring dreams about a two-story garage, perfect in every way other than there was always something wrong with the foundation. Always a mix of inappropriate materials, old pallets and cinder blocks that made it ready to topple over at any moment. Or dreaming about my current garage being left open.
Another where I'm at work and can't find my toolbox keys, the key to the uniform locker, or anything else that kept me from leaving. Place was really going downhill so it was probably my subliminal telling me to get out of there.
As a young kid 10-12 y/o;
I used to fly naked in my dreams, above the powerlines in the court
we lived in in Concord, see all my friends playing or riding bikes below...
& I had that one reoccurring several times
I can't remember the last one I had

I do remember having a dream about HS a while back, below...

I had already graduated, in Jan. of my senior year, with honors...
(I could have graduated as a Junior even after summer school)
I stayed until June in my senior year, to finish the year, to do track & field still...
I was a decently fast guy (linebacker) short-spurt sprinter, a good long-jumper
for a bigger guy, 6'2" 225ish, most were lil' skinny guys...
I was a really good discus thrower, got/won 1st or 2nd always
& good shotputter same deal (I know a weird combo)
& I stayed in my senior year only because I wanted to graduate,
or go across the stage & get my diploma with my buds/classmates...
The whole deal, gown, hat tassels, thrown, with my parents watching etc.,
I had seen 2 of my older sisters graduate before me...

My dream was;
I was in class, the teacher, my senior English Teacher
he was also the team Track Coach Mr. Brossian...
Coach Bros. was what we called him... (the original Spelling NAZI)
He's sort of a tough ol' bastard, never gave me a good grade...
B - or a C + when I had almost all A's, in every other course
he was always hard & strict on us...

I'd score the same as others & I'd get a 1/2 grade lower, at a min.
he held 'his athletes' to a different std... (we assumed)

Anyway, he called me out in class for not turning in an assignment
I basically called him a grumpy old fart, told him to go screw himself,
I didn't need his **** anymore, or his lack of gratitude, my poor grades
& his ******* dbbl std.s
(I got him or our team, between 18-26 pts every meet, we entered, almost won every discus event
& worst as 2nd, the same in shotput & then 2nd or 3rd in long jump usually
& that I had already graduated, you grumpy old fart (or something like that)...
& then;
I went off, that the only reason I even stayed, was for competition in Track & Field
that I was sick of his ****, I told him off...
He tried to stop my/me from getting a partial scholarship...
He was going to tell them I was unmanageable or something like that. (?)

This all was years, even decades after I was completely out of school altogether...
All of it was true, except he never tried to stop my scholarship...

I know, weird ****, I'm sure it means something too...
I just don't care what it means, it's a damn dream...

When I was drag racing & traveling a lot, sleeping in my trailer in the lounge,
not the most comfortable place, after we'd drink a bit after the place closed,
BBQ's & BS with security guys etc. until all hrs,
finally go to bed, fall asleep in a chair usually 1st...
I'd dreamed about what I'd do to the car the next day, improvements
sort of semi-conscious/semi-asleep (?), down to nuts & bolts stuff,
tire pressure, timing changes, jet/pill changes, or FI nozzle changes, plugs, valve lash :blah:
I'd see myself doing it in my dreams (out of body sort of, like from flying/watching above)
I'd usually do the same things when awake the next day too...
Seems it was like I was having Deshavue (spell),
I'd told my crew/partners about it too, it happened a lot...
they'd usually ask;
"what I had dreamed about for the day, today",
sort of joking...
I did pretty well, so my dreams must have helped some...

Wall of text - Holy wall of text Batman, Budnicks is reminiscing again.jpg
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Weird dreams....let's see some of yours!​

I'm not letting you into my dreams!

And now you weld naked?

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That's ol' a--hole SFSI, :carrot: in his 'Union Welder' gig, welding a parking wheel lock
in the big shitty (NYC) or Union welding on dumpsters on Garbage Skowl Island...
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