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Weird dreams....let's see some of yours!

Great one this morning...

Wife is totally exhausted from chasing the rug rat the past week +. I slipped out of bed early and let her sleep 'till 10AM this morning. She gets up, I ask her how did you sleep and she says GREAT. Then walks in the kitchen to make her coffee, opens the fridge door for some milk and blurts out FFSakes ! LOL

She apparently dreamt that she had finished making her 10 lasagnas this morning. Then opened the fridge to see her big pot of meat and sauce still there!
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Dreams that take place modern day yet include those dead for 20 years do leave me confused when I wake up.
One thing that still surprises me is that we often just accept matters when we are dreaming as if they are customary or common.
You could be driving a Ford with a hideous transvestite next to you listening to country music while eating a fish taco and you never question any of it despite being disgusted by all of those things in real life.
When I have a dream that includes someone that is dead, they are not dead in the dream. There's no concern on my part that they have died, it's always like we are passing each other somewhere and stop to say hello and how's everything going. When I think about it in the morning, I just feel like it's me thinking about that person and my way of having a visit with him/her.
Mine have included my Dad who has been gone since 1995. Mom remarried and in one dream, I asked Dad what he was going to do...he said he'd start a new life alone.
One weird thing is that Dad was sick for awhile and in the dreams, he is as vital and healthy as he was in his 40s.
Oh boy. Not sure I want to dive into this, but I will mention some stuff.

On the subject of color... wait is that a real question? Do people NOT dream in color? I have had ZERO instances of any dream that were not as though I were living them in color true to day. Really now, do people have "grey" dreams?

I have had 2 recurring dreams, but only one persisted past maybe age 8. In my youth(pre-k through maybe 8 years old) I had dreams of doing lots of things, usually out and about sometimes in a town I didn't know, at home outside.... suddenly I was 100 feet up observing the area, at first thinking it was interesting. Roofs f homes, all that. Then I would fall, but right before I would splat I would jump, but that simply sent me back up to do it over. Usually by the 4th or 5th fall I was awake sweating.
That has never come back.
The other started in my 20's, I worked at a Fleet Farm in HS. One weekend, I was not notified of a schedule change earlier in the week and reported in, only to be told by the department head 2 hours in I was not supposed to be there. This event triggered some type of persistant memory that shows up in my dream as me applying to go work there again, or going to work a shift, worrying about being late but then not being late, showing up in the black pants/orange shirt uniform and having employees I worked with(2 are still there!) asking who I was and why I was there.... and usually the dream ends with me going outside t leave in a very, VERY oddly colored dusk of a day, very orange/red, dim lights even though it is supposed to be 5 in the afternoon in summer..... and I get a very confused feeling and wake up.
Haven't had that in ten years.

Couple vivid odd ones, Grandpa had a JD G in the hay loft myself and cousins played in during family events. Had one dream I was there with only my Ma who was inside with Grandma and the barn doors opened by themselves and the tractor rolled down the hill, and for some reason I stood there 100 feet away and waited for it to get to me before I woke up. Obviously that did not happen.

Which brings me to the weird stuff. I have had numerous dreams in my life that I have lived through YEARS after the fact. No, not the other way around, not of past events. Odd dreams that are plausible or sometimes slightly random, of things or people I have never seen, places I have never been, that YEARS later I experiance in real time. Only twice were the events long enough or maybe more accurately "started" in such a way that I could recognize them before they were happening or over.
A quick example, when I was 5(maybe 6) I had a dream that was obviously whacko, was walking with some other kids(did not know them, I was 5) and my mom down a winding stone staircase(like a castle in a movie) but at the bottom, it flattened out to a tile floor and to the right was a wall of sectioned glass with a door, inside this big room was 70's color orange carpet, walnut chairs and table with same orange cushions, walnut bookshelves in a row. Wake up.
Fast forward I am 12 years old. Go to an event with 4H club to a town 2 hours away. Walk into the high school. Immediately to the right is THAT room. Not "like" that room, THAT room. I told my Ma(who was there, with the kids I soon realized) that I had seen that library before. She looked really confused, and said we had never been to this town, much less this school, before.

As I got older I would recognize little snips like that from dreams, but almost all were so short they would be over before I realized I was IN it. Pretty much all of them were inconsequential nothings. But I had seen, heard, lived, SAID the things in a dream. When you realize the words coming out of your mouth were said in a dream you had 15 years ago, but can't make yourself stop saying the sentence, it gives you a CREEPY feeling.

This is getting long. I have a couple others related to above i could share if people are interested. Two others I had more recently that have me extremely worried, though I try to ignore them as I have not lived them, and they could be nothing, but they had the hallmarks of potential when I woke up and I have vivid memory of them. This oddness of foretelling dreams has happened frequently enough in my life that "bad" dreams cause me actual stress after the fact.
How about this...?
The dream where you do actually realize that it IS a dream and that it is all imaginary, so you just go buck wild?
I've had those....
I was driving a Camaro I had way long ago. A cop lit it up behind me and suddenly, I realized it was a dream so screw it....I ran from the Cop, ramming other cars, going up over curbs and driving really fast. I had no fear, I felt like I was playing a real authentic video game!
On the subject of color... wait is that a real question? Do people NOT dream in color? I have had ZERO instances of any dream that were not as though I were living them in color true to day. Really now, do people have "grey" dreams?
It has been said that most people dream in greyscale..........extremely old people dream in Sepia tones. :p

People you encounter in dreams can be very interesting......sometimes they are people you have known a long time, or not seen for a long time. For some strange reason the people in the dreams always seem to know each other, although they had probably never met in reality.

Dreams can be a confusing mix of reality and fantasy, and sometimes it is hard to distinguish one from the other. Falling is an interesting subject.....most people never actually hit the ground when falling from heights......and it is said that if you die in your dreams, you are actually dead. I often wake up if I am falling from heights....that's probably what keeps me alert and cautious when operating scissor hoists etc.

Greg dreams.jpg

Let's delve into that one next week.....

On the subject of color... wait is that a real question? Do people NOT dream in color? I have had ZERO instances of any dream that were not as though I were living them in color true to day. Really now, do people have "grey" dreams?
I recall when I was young, people claimed that most dreams were in black and white. Mine were always in colour so I thought I was out of the ordinary. But some studies show that people's dreams in colour have changed over the years. These days, black and white dreams are in the minority.
That scale of dreams being in black and white for so long and slowly shifting to color is because TVs used to be black and white. Everyone knows that.

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I had a dream where there was a guy with red hair with a bloodied cross on his forehead woke up & went to work ,we had a 10 tonne overhead crane & everyone used to leave the hook at head height causing a few sore heads when they walked into it .
Sandy an apprentice with red hair was walking toward the hook & i warned him to watch out for the hook as i had a dream a guy with red hair walked into it.That afternoon i got a call from my brothers wife that he was in a plane crash & was in hospital with a ruptured spleen and a few other injuries so i jumped on the next available flight to Kalgoorlie when i got to the hospital my red headed brother was laying in the bed with a cross on his head from the collision.
This thread made me recall one I had regarding Baby Blue. Several years before I reconnected with the car, I had a vivid dream about getting it back. At the time, it had been out of my life for nearly two decades. The car was sitting on the lawn in front of a ranch house. Bob Miller and I walked up to it, and noted it was in better shape than when we had each owned it. Shortly afterwards, the car showed up on Youtube. A few years later, Bob got a call from the current owner, and the following year I bought it back. The scene played out exactly like the dream.
68 gtx bill frost 003 - Copy.JPG
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Not a dream; but an experience I had reminded me of a scene from the movie Reincarnation of Peter Proud. Early in my career, the company I was with insured nursing homes and hospitals. As a field engineer, we had to tour those places for underwriting purposes. I never wanted to enter any of the resident rooms, just asking for a look if they were vacant. While in a room, the resident was being wheeled back in the door, she looked at me and started shouting “Jack, my God, Jack, is it you? Where have you been, I’ve been waiting for you for so long!” She started to cry grabbing my wrist and wouldn’t let go. I said I’m sorry Mame, I’m not Jack. She refused to believe me clutching my wrist. The attendant was quite shocked and gently got her to let go of me. When we got out in the hall she said, she hasn’t spoken two words in weeks, no emotion, having dementia. I asked if she knew who Jack is and she said it was her husband who has been dead for at least 20 years. I was around 23 at the time. Creepy and more when I watched that movie.
When I first retired from the plant, everything was good and then after a few months I started dreaming about the place and a lot. Some were so vivid that it felt like I was really there. Haven't had one in a long time and I'm glad of that. Went out there for an 'old farts holiday dinner' the week before Thanksgiving and the place was plain nasty. The lighting was horrible and a lot of the machines were just filthy.
I used to have one type of dream getting lost,
in many vastly different places
like hiking or in a parking structure looking for my car
or on the road to somewhere who knows where
not finding the turn off...
Weird stuff I've never done,
& I've aways been really good about direction, finding things or places
& where I was or where I'm going...

I'm sure it means something, don't care really...
I usually woke up & didn't dream about it
& I'd happen a few weeks or night later, here or there
It was mostly when my dad was in rehab/Avilan Hospital
from after 12+ hr open heart surgery, a quadruple bypass
& a pigs valve installed...
My family was stressing me out with all the constant contact & phone BS...
My sisters & his sister/my Aunt Joan mostly...
He had to learn to eat, speak, walk etc. all over again...
From after he was medically induced into a sort of coma
for over a week, right after the surgery
so his constant shacking, some 'really viloent' tremors
for/from some serious alcohol detox
so that he wouldn't rip out his stitches 'if awake'
(effects of 60+ years of a qt a day rotgut cheap bourbon/functioning drunk,
that he had claimed
:jackoff: he wasn't drinking still, yeah right)

I think (assumed) it was some stress stuff, making me dream weird ****...

My younger (by 3 years) bros Dr. Mark is a physiatrist, he said the same stuff,
I never really had any formal sessions, I didn't need them anyway...
I had just casually told him about it in a phone call, doing updates on dad...

carry on
we are a bunch of weird dudes here :carrot:
is all Forums for cars like this ? or Just MoPar forums ? :poke:
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Well I have some time, I am going to write down one of my more crazy foresight type dreams. The dream happened about 3 years after I got married.
The dream:
I am in my living room. Wife tells me she is leaving to go shopping in Appleton. I look out the window. Overcast day, leaves on the ground, dimly lit meaning it was either very early or dusk. Somehow I knew it was Christmas shopping, although she did not say as much in my dream.
A little blip of time goes by, scene changes instantly, I am now in my kitchen. Wife tells me "I gotta go, they're here."
I look out the back door. Headlights blasting my shop garage door, this little-ish sort of boxy brownish colored car with kinda square-rectangal tail lights is down there. I have never seen this car. I do not know who is picking my wide up, but she seems to know, but has never said in this dream.
At this time, I have a sense of calm, it's fine, she is going shopping.
Fast forward a bit, the car is gone, some daylight has returned, but it is still overcast, still leaves on the ground. I am immediately hit with a terrible, nausiating, gut wrenching feeling that something really, really, really bad has transpired.

This is when I snapped my eyes open in a sweat with a fuzzy feeling in my head absolutely CERTAIN something aweful had happened to my wife. I quickly rolled over and she was sleeping next to me.

So, forward! By about 8 and a half years.
I am in the living room. Wife tells me "***(brother in law's live in girlfriend of three years running) is coming to pick me up with xxxxx(sister) to go black friday shopping in Appleton."
It is an overcast day, obviously leaves on the ground it's Thanksgiving.

No, not yet.

I said ok, not thinking much of it. I went to the kitchen and went to heat up something to eat, she went to go change into some "town clothes".
I see headlights out the back door. They pull up to my shop door down the back steps. It is the little brownish car.....

THIS is it. This is when it all floods back into my head.
I am standing dumbfounded as my wife comes in behind me and says" I have to go, she's here."
I am in a full panic. I had to WILL myself to almost slur out the word "ssstop"

Wife turns. At this point, I can speak more freely. I quickly explain I had THIS DREAM. And then I told her it was BAD. And that something BAD was at the end, and she should not go, I was certain she should not go, even though I did not know what the actual bad thing was, but somehow I knew it was about her and I was terrified.
The wife was aware of my little episode/dream snips this far into our marriage. We would tell each other dreams sometimes and she got to live 3 seconds of one of mine once, and that was all it took. She just asked me if I was sure, and then went down to tell the ladies she was not going to go.

This was one of two times where events kicked off in a way I was able to recognize it while it happened. I have no way to prove I was right about the outcome, she didn't go along. Maybe I am superstitious, but over the course of the next 10 months our lives changed dramatically, my father had a heart attack(second one, pacemaker installed and he had some significant damage) my work saw a fairly normal big cheese suddenly make some really odd choices and get escorted out 6 months later to be replaced by an absolute idiot. Few other really momentus things happened in that time as well, and my position at work was changed, wife had something similar, and things ended up feeling like a true struggle for the next few years.
Did I tempt fate? Did I derail something I was not supposed to and life had to try to correct it's course? God only knows. maybe it is all nothing! LOL, that's the thing with all this. I have no idea what or why these dreams and events occur, if I am supposed to do anything or not, or if I am NOT supposed to do anything or not, all I know is this stuff happens too much to argue it is all in my head.
I won't write about the other time I recognized things in the middle, it was a non-event really and it was before this one and I did not do anything to try to alter things.

If this thread keeps going I might get brave and write down the two I am fearful of that could come to pass. I also had an experience while sleeping one night that despite being like a dream, I am convinced was something else.
I can't top that, man.
When I was a kid, I had a dream some School night and the next day, I saw a kid outside a classroom....he was in the dream.
Weird name of the guy..."Talbot Hardy"
In the dream, Talbot was running down the sidewalk in front of my house and he looked really scared.
I went up to him and said....."In my dream last night, I saw you run past my house on the sidewalk. What were you running from?"
He looked totally confused and said that he didn't know.
I said..."But you were in the dream, Talbot...."
He just smiled and shook his head and walked away.
It is funny how simple a kid's mind can be...
Last night I was taking my daughter down to the show field where they were having a horse show. As I was talking to someone around the outside of the ring, they asked if I had seen the yellow Hemi challenger that “Ken” owned up on top of the hill. So of course I walked up there. There were a few houses, one with a big long garage and a guy working on a camper inside. I asked him if he was Ken and he pointed to the other end of the garage where there was another bay door. I could see the next house over but it wasn’t a house, it was a fenced in compound. I asked the guy if he’d seen the challenger and he said yes, it was banana yellow. I walked through the garage and up to the fence, it looked like an industrial storage yard, but no challenger in sight. Then I woke up…..
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