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Well, poop.....

Here in PA, the cop doesn't show, you walk! There's no wait till next month ****. That's crazy.
Usually police show because they get paid for the day - sitting in Magistrate office.
Hopefully you have learned your lesson before moving onto heavier crimes :lol:
Its been that way 3 different times. Last time I called well in advance of court date and asked for the issuing officer to be present. No -show. Judge said next month. I said ill pay the damn ticket, you already cost me a days wages.
Cop doesn't show up it should automatically be thrown out...
I thought it usually was around these parts too, unless maybe for a serious charge like drunken driving. In my few experiences the officer was never even called by the judge. I’d say “Not Guilty” and the judge would ask if I could stay out of trouble for 6 months and send me on my way.
So you failed to get your car inspected ( no big deal but let's be honest it's your fault). You got a small ticket and than got pissy with the cop because you now had to take personal responsability for your own actions?. Dude, don't look now now but you have become a "Kevin".
I'd be willing to bet most cops don't enjoy handing out such tickets.
After all, they joined the force to help with the betterment of society, went through the academy and
all that jazz to become a LEO - only to be saddled with the responsibility to constantly be on the
lookout for revenue collecting.
That's gotta suck....

police car in mirror.jpg
They don’t have to write that inspection ticket. They could probably ticket 1/3 vehicles for texting and driving, and really do something to keep the roads safe. Yet I have never heard of 1 person receiving such a violation.
Nobody likes a cop until they need one.
I got one of those tickets once. I swear the cop was watching my car and waiting for me to leave the driveway. I was 2 houses away and he had me pulled over. I had the stickers in the glove box. I got a ticket of course. Yep I broke the rules and got a ticket so I pulled up my big boy pants and paid it. It wasn't a moving violation so it didn't go against my record or insurance.
The whole safety inspection is just a money grab anyway. 95% of accidents are driver error and most of the rest are road/weather conditions. Mechanical failure is rarely the cause of crashes.
money has to come from somewhere....... police are a tax collection agency

proof: cop hides over the hill to trap speeders AFTER they create an unsafe situation; when he could easily park in plain site as a reminder to watch your speed........ "to protect and serve", my *** :up:
X2 .....Spot on and well said!!
It happened to me while my wife and I were pulling out of driveway. We got about 200 feet from the house and she pulled us over. I told her, there was no way it could have expired, we would never have forgotten something like that. The wife and I start going at it and the cop said, STOP! She told us to go back home and fix it!! It turns out we never got a notice and it just went over our heads. You can bet that never happened again.
Riding with my brother patrolling a busy stretch of interstate during construction it was pretty easy pickings. The speed had been reduced to 45MPH in a normal 55MPH zone. On that day, he pulled over people going 85, 75, 70MPH. Don’t think he snagged anyone lower than this; too many doing 70+. He had responded to construction workers getting run over to hamburger meat over the years by dipshits. He said those memories stuck in his head. On the other occasion I rode with him, working an area with a 65MPH limit. Don’t think he pulled anyone over going less than 15 over. Some were 90+MPH. Just too many blowing the limit by leaps & bounds to attend to those exceeding the limit by much less.
There is a world famous speed trap between my AZ house and Vegas. 75mph highway speed limit, down to 25 thru a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. And I would guess 95% of the people using that highway know it. I rarely see anyone doing more than 30 mph. Its that 5% that generates all the money.
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