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What do you think this is worth

Car looks pretty solid and decent. Big block with AC. Will just need a respray, so figure $3-4k there for a decent job, barring any hidden surprises. Offer $7500. After all is said and done with the respray and other tidbits that it needs, you'll have at least $12k into it. Can you buy one finished for that price??
Great car, under valued in my estimation
(Everyone wants a Cuda' or Challenger)
everyone wants a cuda or challenger or 68-70 charger. not many fans of that body style out there. that being said i would say 75-8000 is the right price range
Not nearly as in demand as 68 up, but only year for full length console as it was dropped in 67.
Nice car for the money, despite the damn engine and air cleaner being painted the WRONG color (should be Turquoise and NOT Corporate Blue, and the a/cleaner black). From the lengthy description given by the seller (something 98% of all CL ads lack!), it appears to be a pretty decent deal.

The '68 - '70 Charger and the E-body fanboys don't know what they're missing!
He's asking too much in my opinion...needs paint, A/C will need to be fixed, and could cost up to $1400 to fix dash gauges back to stock & working condition....he says he's sure dash is "easy fix"...seats will cost around $500 to do

I think $7k is top price for it's condition now...
The cheaper you can get it the better it is for you!Offer $7,000.00 and see what happens! If you wave crisp $100 dollar bills in his face You might even get it a little less!
This car needs to be repainted at some point. It was sandblasted down to bare metal about 5-6 years ago

be careful......... it someone actually sandblasted the body, there is a good chance it is destroyed beyond repair......
FYI, It was listed on Ebay with the end of the auction being the 20th. It was bid up to $7100. Buy it now was set at $8200
looks to be in great shape if the quarters arent rusted through along with the floor . if all chrome is present and in good shape .
cant get to many body parts . not a real desirable car but rare because of it being 1st generation
charger .

value only worth what a person is willing to pay for it so i say 6 to 7 k max . a complete restore on this car would be a loss
hot rod it for sure would bring up value and have less $ invested
The guy might cuss and fuss for a while, but if you hold out on 7k, I think you'll be driving away from that deal instead of walking away!! Good luck!
Thanks for all the info guys, I am waiting for him to email us back, probably go look at it after Christmas
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