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What is the best way to quit your job? Any advice?

I saw this years ago. I tell a lot of people about it and follow it myself.
Letter of resignation.
"I hereby tender my resignation. My
Last day will be (two weeks from date
of letter).
Respectfully, (so and so).
You owe them nothing more.
Short, sweet, and simple.
saw this years ago
That column has much great advice; but will give some debate to #5. When co-workers get laid off and those still remaining are ‘coached’ to pull together to keep things going to do the work they did to keep the company running, so as to maybe avoid more lay-offs, that’s a difficult predicament. At least some learning curve to figure out what still can and can’t be done, or innovation to handle it.

Meanwhile it was a bitch. Da boss wasn’t about to offer help on what work can’t be accomplished cuz he still wanted it ALL done.
I agree 100% Ron. Staying late is fine if it's short term to meet a deadline but not if it's the norm.

Also, some people stay late because they are  scared to be the first to leave. They're all looking around waiting to see who will go first, then after someone leaves they all start going within the next 5 minutes.
That's bullshit. If your boss will sack you for leaving on time then he's a dick.
I've always walked out boldly right on time, confident I've worked hard during my shift.
I've stayed late lots of times. When I agree with a company I'm going to do a job I'm g.d. well going to do it. I'm not out to impress anybody however I have enough respect for myself to keep my word and walk around with dignity and self respect. If I think I am being taken advantage of then I will talk about it with my boss and then decide to stay or not. There's too many pussies in the workforce these days that have no work ethic and don't have the nuts to stick with something until it is done.
I probably alluded to it in an earlier post, but.....
Unless you really think you'll need to go back someday?? Do what you gotta do. Tell them "I'm leaving" and that's it. Maybe a day's notice. Pack your **** and get on.
The "2-week notice" thing is spineless 1960s 'worker bee' thinking.
And, it's been my experience that if you were that valuable of an employee to begin with they'll take you back even if you left under "less than ideal" conditions.

Again, if they were given the directive to let YOU go, they wouldn't give you an ounce of warning....even if you'd just uprooted your family to a new town, new schools, etc.
"Sorry to have to tell you, but...."

...."It's not personal Sonny, it's strictly business..."
That's the "code" businesses use toward employees, IMO you're a sucker if you don't abide by it as well.
boss will sack you for leaving on time then he's a dick
Longer story given some of my crap experiences I’ve posted about. But there’s no shortage of **** bosses. One of them (long former) being on my despised list, was a great kisser of ***. Should have won an award. His answer to any problems was to call a branch meeting. Well, all those 70 people’s jobs were addressing claims, litigation, and field engineering services (was manager of the latter). Some of them lived 2+ hours away as they only had to come in once a week for Monday meetings. Would have to call these people out in the field to come in, cancelling their calls.

He’d have these meetings and accomplish NOTHING. Half the time employees didn’t understand the agenda. Some would come to me post-meeting asking wtf did it require a meeting? I figured it was about his reassurance of being the head guy to assemble everyone at his will and HIS idea of doing something. Bunch of these people were mothers with small kids, school pickups, etc. Then da f-wad would do it again while I’d get more pissed saying what’s the agenda, the reason? Just include it in next Monday’s branch meeting. Most were smart enough to leave work when their day was up; but some would stay late to try to get some work done due to time lost for meeting. Yeah, some were nervous thinking they should stay, not getting to their schedule. I’d tell them go home, this isn’t your hassle, it is someone else trying to make their problem your problem.
Give the boss your two week notice. If he asks why tell him. The first guy sounds like an intolerable douchebag that needs his pants punched in. The second guy is a tinfoil hat wearing retard. He asked.
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Letter of resignation.
"I hereby tender my resignation. My
Last day will be (two weeks from date
of letter).
Respectfully, (so and so).
You owe them nothing more.
Short, sweet, and simple.

This, keep it simple. When you do give notice, be prepared to be immediately escorted off the premises...
I just saw this thread and finished page 1, and I'll just throw this out because it's at the forefront of my thoughts.
Before I get to it, good advice on page one.
Give notice, keep the whole process simple.
Ok, so I worked as an "intern" for GE Healthcare right out of Trade School where I got my AAS biomed tech degree. I wanted to go to work with the man and his company that I had done a few hours a week work for while I was in school, as part of my degree qualifications I had to find an internship in the field. As it turned out, I was able to work for him AFTER I got fired or "not invited to go to regular employment status" with GE once my 6 months "trial" as an intern ran out.
Ok..here's the good part, I only wish I could have executed my plan:
Most of the people I worked with at GE were backstabbing cowards, with no relationship skills. Their only concern was climbing the corporate ladder, and they would use the daggers they buried in backs as the rungs. These corporate WHORES would prostitute their mothers to get a promotion.
There was this one guy in particular, he looked 15 years older than he was, and smoked like a broken down Ford. He was eavesdropping on a call I was on with my wife, talking about a property in Florida we had seen. We were driving from Louisiana to Florida every few weekends to house hunt, as we intended to move there, on either the Crystal River or Homosassa River so we could go scuba diving with the manatees, boat, and fish, and all the other things to do in that beautiful area of still free America.
Anyway, this RAT TURD couldn't wait to run tell my big boss about me intending to move, even though I specifically asked him NOT TO, and although I had intended to ask about a position in the area in Florida we were moving to.
I wanted to use silicone (so it could easily be removed w/out damage) and attach a toy stuffed RAT to his workbench on my last day! I didn't really need a referral from GE as I was going to work with the owner and his business that I had done part time work for in school. The ONLY reason why I didn't get my RAT attachment done is because they let me go too suddenly to have the rat toy with me that day.
It turned out GREAT for me because after 3 years with the privately owned company, I had learned enough to start my own 1 man business. That was 8 years ago and I'm still in business.