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What was the first movie you ever saw . . .

I remember seeing Grease, Jaws 2, and Star Wars in the theater as a kid. Those are my earliest memories. I don't recall which was first.
1st movie I remember going to see was "2001 A Space Odyssey" at the drive in theater with my parents 1968 and I was 5 at the time. The 1st movies that I went to see with my friends were "Towering Inferno" and "Earthquake" in 1974 and they had the new surround sound at our theater.
Another Bambi here, Steel Workers kids Christmas party at the Liberty Theater in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. 1957
Got a few years on some of you based on movies mentioned. Mine was 1953, The Longest Trailer, Lucy & Desi.
The earliest drive-in movie I can remember, we saw "Poseiden Adventure", but I remember "White Lightening" too.
Goldfinger !!!!!!! I was 4yo , sitting in the backseat of my step-dad to be's Volvo . Mom and step-dad to be were in front seats . To me Sean Connery is still the only "007" .
It was either Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid or 2001 A Space Odyssey. I think both are 1969... so not sure which was first.
Bambi with my siblings; older brother was in charge. Back then parents dropped us off and picked us up later.

The one that stands out is Die Monster Die. I watched a woman raise her dress at the urinal next to me and pee standing up. They called them cross -dressers back then.
Uh oh .... I saw " Lady and the Tramp " when you could call it that....
Maybe that was my first, and not The Sound of Music...
I don't know now....

Imagine if we didn't remember " our first kiss " !!!
But that is a topic for another thread !!! L O L .....
Gumball Rally I was 9 and visiting my cousins in Milwaukee. I've been a car guy ever since!
My dad took me to’Guns of Navarone’ when I was 12.(1961)
Could’ve hit some drive-ins before that, but don’t remember the movies!
Jeez, I can't remember that far back. I do remember I wished they made a new Jerry Lewis comedy every day. When I was a real little kid at the theater they showed a preview for the movie "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" It scared the **** outta me.

The first I can remember seeing was The Black Hole, 1979. But I know for a fact I saw Star Wars in the theater.
I remember it well. It was in 1974. Herbie Rides Again. The first time at a real movie. We were poorer than dirt. I was able to go with our church. The owner of the local theatre invited all the congregations children to go for a free show. My sister and I had a great time. First time having that theatre popcorn too. Great Sunday afternoon. I think the next one I went to was the "The Breakfast Club" about 10 years later. All grown up then. I think I was 17 years old at the time. Times were tight back then. lol
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