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What was the first movie you ever saw . . .

Fran’s is about the only response to this that isn’t making me feel really old:rolleyes:
Blazing saddles, I was 10 saw with parents and their friends
I'd been 6-ish, I know I was 6 my stepdad married my mom in 1965
we had just moved back to Concord
'The Birds' like 1964-ish flick, being replayed was at the theater forever
at the local Solano Drive-in theater in Concord Ca.
along with some other shitty horror flick
double feature, $5 a car load type deal, the whole family at the drive-in
at that time it was me my mom & stepdad, my 2 older sisters

The second feature was;
"101 Blood Maniacs" or something like that, not sure the title
I was supposed to be asleep, in the back of the station wagon
I peaked up over the 3rd-row seat in the 57 Ford Delrio/2 dr Ranch Wagon
to see them putting some guy in a barrel hammering a bunch of nails in it
rolling it down a hill & then chopping some guy up, blood & gore ****,
it scared the living **** out of me...

to this day I can't stand them types of blood & gore movies
I'm not scared now, I just find it repulsive & stupid, waste of $$$
why the hell people would make that **** ?
let alone spend good money to see it ?
is beyond me

I just don't get the especially "zombies" nonsense
or vampires craze BS either
truly stupid ****, albeit 'Dusk Till Dawn' was sort of good

my favorite 'Drive In' flick was 'American Graffiti'
1973-ish (14 or so)
my last was 'Hollywood Knights'
like 1980-ish (21 or so) 2 great car flicks

after that, they closed most of the drive-ins down
or had **** movies & mega theaters indoors

I rarely went to the movies after the drive-in craze was over

I don't like indoor theaters at all,
way too many rude obnoxious disrespectful douches attending them
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In my small town, we had two different movies each week unless it was something really special like a Disney movie. Thursday through Saturday it was the better movie. Sunday through Tuesday it was usually a B-rated war movie. My friend Jeffery and I always went to the war movies on Sunday afternoons. Then one week they started showing sexy movies on Sunday through Tuesday. It was a surprise to me but my sister told me so that was the end of that.

Saturday afternoons it was a kid's melee. shouting, kicking, folded popcorn boxes flying all over. It was a sign of badassery to get kicked out. My dad told me they used to go to the cowboy movies and they all brought their cap pistols. The theater got so smokey they had to stop the picture and let everyone out.
Seen many cartoons and Disney stuff, but don't recall much before 1970.
I recall Bedknobs and Broomsticks when it first came out in 1971, and watched Silent Running at the drive-in in 1972.
A bunch of good movies in the mid '70's
One of my favs is Gumball rally 1976.
Ben Hur
At the theatre in 1956 with my 10-year-old brother, when I was 6. I didn't sleep for a couple of days afterwards . . .

First drive-in I remember was "Magnificent 7"
First movie in good theater was "Bullitt"
First movie that I probably was too young to see "The Graduate"
I remember my mom taking us all to 101 Dalmatians.

I remember my friends mom taking us all to see Night of the Living Dead
1965 I was 5 and my parents brought my older brother and sister to the Baker Theatre in Dover NJ to see Gone With the Wind. The Baker was a big ornate theater that tried to stay open in the 80's with rock music venues. Bad luck with accidents and it would become a storage warehouse.
The first I can remember was the incredible Mr, limpet. I also Remember going to the drive in with dad to see Winning.
Jaws when I was 10 - My cousin took me
Didnt realize that came out in 1975

Never forget that head rolling out of the sunken boat and both of us flying off our seats

Sneeking into Halloween thru the side doors
Auto Transport Service