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Wheels and Tires

yes, 275/60/15 on an 8" wide wheel fits the rear with no issues. You can also fit a 295/50/15 on a 9" or 10" wide wheel in the rear with proper wheel back-spacing.



My 69 came with a choice of one tire, and one tire only, Goodyear redline G70x15. White letters became common on 70 mopars (imo),
However! With all the white accents your car has, white letter tires are a no-brainer.
I like 15s, so I would stay with the style you have which looks fabulous, get 15x7 and 15x8 magnums, add 225-60x15 and 275-60x15 (taller than the 50s, fill the wheelwell better) Mickey Thompsons or Cooper Cobra's. (Basically the same tire.Coopers are cheaper, mickeys have a cooler name)
(Just me.... I love the look of 17"daisies [American Racing 200S], one of the guys here had some on a 69 bee, it looked terrific. Not an inexpensive choice, however.)
I appreciate everyone giving me ideas. Please keep them coming if anyone else has any thoughts on this topic. This might be a dumb question, but I'm wondering if anyone can clarify for me. Did 69 Super Bees have red line tires or white letter tires originally?
Info I found says that 8% got white letters. Red lines were standard, (speedway) white lines a no-cost option, polyglas (goodyear) redlines an xtra-cost option. Info says roughly 85% got redlines of one sort or other.
I disagree on the black wheels as well as the fender tag showing what wheels and tires were originally on a car.

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Well, "differences of opinions is what makes the ponies run" as my dad usta say.
If you're going for all original - as the OP obviously is not - and want to do it that way, fine. It's your car and it might gain another point or two at a concours. Of course those points would be deducted for the 'incorrect' emissions sticker shown also... :) But as for me and my house, we will never run black wheels!