when cops collide,or,thats gotta be em-bareassing

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    May 31, 2015
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    apparently some police got so excited about being in the motorcade for Trump they crashed...
    now that,would be embarassing....
    riding along with the most powerful man in the free world and you crash in front of him?

    this reminds me of an episode when i was just starting out in the army
    we were down at wilmington nc loading up to go,
    and the jeeps were all in a line waiting and it was taking Forever to get progress.
    .....soooo..we started goofing off....
    seeing who could thump the jeep in front of them the best,by dropping the clutch...
    this went on for awhile until yours truly managed to get my jeep to hop Up onto the jeep in front of me..

    at this point,a group of people wayyy down the pier started making noise,
    and we hustled to get the jeeps seperated.
    out of the distance comes my seargant And a General...and o is he Mad....o...chit..
    i got yelled at so bad i felt like i was 4 inches tall lol.
    and then sent back to the barracks and somehow miraculously dont get demoted,
    but damm it was funny.
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