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Which Carters/Manual Cross Ram?

Here's a copy of an old post with the jetting. The 1407 Eddy's are pretty close to a 3705 Carter's
dvw said:
Here's what I used. If you notice the small secondary jets on the 3705's are in the outside of the intake. One carb faces in each direction. The 3447s are the same side to side. These were Chrysler dyno jet numbers done in house under controlled conditions. Take for instance the .104/.053 jet/rod vs the .089 jet by itself. The difference in area is only about 3%. So beside the choke side secondary jets being small (cylinders 2/7) not much difference. My car ran 10.1X@132 best. Your issue might be lack of hood scoop. Not the the scoop is that great, but the carbs are very close to the hood. Like I said, not much difference.
1963 Stage III 426 Super Stock cars with the 3447 Carter carbs:
Main jets: Primary = .098"
Secondary = .082"
Step-up (metering) rods: .068 X .050
For the 1964 426 Max. Wedge cars with the 3705 Carter carbs:
Main jets: Primary = .104"
Secondary = Choke side .063" Throttle side .089"
Step-up (metering) rods: .066" X .053"
Also, on these carbs (the 3705s), the recommended float setting changes from 7/16" to 7/32"
Original Max wedge carters were AFB, not AVS and there was no difference in carb auto or manual. Same carb #. The 3705 and 3861 AFB are larger intake diameter and square bore 1 11/16 Primary and secondary. Jetting was for the manifold and proper distribution.

Believe Edelbrock made a copy of the 3705/3861. 3861 was the same as 3705 except jetting.
I've run 1407's on a crossram street build for a friend. It's been together about 15 years. 5 speed manual with a 3.55. Theyre jetted out of the old Direct Connection book. Had to solder up jet to redrill and make the small size one. gets about 14 mph on the highway. Drives great.
Don't know what CFM the 4638s I have would make but mine should become a street car that I sometimes run.
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