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Who likes Mopar street Rods


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Feb 7, 2011
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west salem wi.
I’ve always liked mopar powered street rods. Picked up this 1933 Plymouth with a fuel injected 426 Hemi, 727 with a 8 3/4 rear end. Makes me smile every time I drive it


They are rare among all the aftermarket, rebodied catalog cars & parts out there
or millions of Fords
a lil' lesser amount Chevys
I like the early Plymouths & Dodges or even DeSotos
if they have a MoPar power/drivetrain

& like the one above an Early Hemi is freaken' cool too
I haven’t had a chance, yet, to drive in a Street Rod but they are slick. Yours is a great color and the engine looks boss too with the fuel injection stacks.
A few years back I relocated to Arkansas from N. Illinois and have been to the Darrell Starbird Rod & Custom Show twice. It’s in Tulsa and it was the 60th this year. Here’s a Custom Chrysler I saw there.


Yes I do, Had this 29 Chrysler Coupe 354 HEMI and a 4spd. Had to sell just to small for me. Now I have this 32 DeSoto sedan. 360-727 8 3/4




Gearhead heaven.
I like the 426 power, but I generally get more excited when people build an open engine style rod with "old power"
Early Hemi
Cross Ram intakes
Chrome everywhere, or suitable cool factor if it is a rod.

On the Ferd side, it is a shame everyone cops out and puts a 350 chebby in there. I saw a big Y block powered T bucket at Iola one year, oh man that sound......

There's a video of a guy that built a turbo stovebolt 6 chevy on youtube to put in his early 60's Suburban for a tow rig. Impressive engineering in the thought process, and in execution it really wasn't that outlandish, just needed some custom manifolds really for the turbo, the sensors to run turbo+EFI+cpu ignition to make it daily reliable were surprisingly straight forward.

Not the car I saw, but this is pretty close to the sound I remember:

Of course:

No that isn't me, I would never record myself driving like that
I’ve always liked mopar powered street rods. Picked up this 1933 Plymouth with a fuel injected 426 Hemi, 727 with a 8 3/4 rear end. Makes me smile every time I drive it

View attachment 1614753

View attachment 1614754
Not really a street rod, it is going to be a nostalgia car 1934 dodge with a Max wedge. Got the engine on the dyno and it made 605 ft lbs and 596 HP , trans is done, and got the roll cage finished and starting to hang the doors.




Saw an early Ford last week that was early hemi and 4spd powered.

VERY nice car

I haven’t drove it a lot. I had in at 80 mph. On the interstate and it was good. It has a true posi in it. Slow speed sharp corners not good. I will change it soon
As I do not fit in any of them, I just admire them from the outside.
Does this one count?
35 years in the making.20190620_165813.jpgIMG_20191031_155429_01.jpgIMG_20191031_155025_01(1).jpg20200527_125033~2.jpg20230331_174918.jpg
1940 Plymouth with custom
chassis, Dodge cab and
homebuilt 6 foot bed.
There's so much behind this,
I could post hundreds of
pics. It's a passion.
I have been helping my dad with his 30 Chrysler rumble sear coupe hot rod project this winter doing some of the body work

We found out after dad had owned it for a while that it had a 426 hemi in it but the owner got hard up for cash and sold the engine before dad ended up with the car

It now has a big block GMC truck engine in it now just because we had it laying around


No offense, but that engine
needs a bloodline update.
I'm a firm believer in keeping
the bloodlines pure. When
I see a deuce coupe with a
Chevy engine....instant non
interest. Not singlening you
out, but it bugs me that top
highline builders choose to
place the cheaper more
readily availative alternative.
If it's Ford, Chevy, or Mopar,
keep it as such.
I'm ready.....flame away.
I know about the wrong engine kind of thing
Dad has always used what ever we had around in hot rods kind of thing
The coupe has mustang II front crossmember for the steering rack also just because it fit better than the Volarie front torsion bar set up it had before ( could not get the space to be clean between the original front fender and rad shell area )

But then again dad also has a 1939 Pontiac we did close to 40 years ago now and he used the front suspension and rear end from a 73 Charger under it :)
The Charger he bought new and just rotted out to nothing so used what was on hand
I saw this one last Sunday at a Swap Meet in SW FL, a pretty Cool build...

I'm not against using
whatever parts are available
to get 'er rolling. My build is
a Heinze 57 variety. But the
heart beats true to what she
A fire breathing 440 under
the hood.
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