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Help Me Complete My 383 Engine Build

I did a 451 inch 383, used 3.900 crank with BBC journals and 6.700 bbc style h-beams. You could in theory offset grind 440 crank to same specs. Used off the shelf diamond 51950 pistons designed for 3.75 stroke. Keep in mind that more stroke = more compression. This one is about 10.5 with stealth heads. On the rockers, if you want good geometry on the valve tip, get Harland sharps SHPS70016KE or SHPS70015KE rockers for Edelbrock heads, then have custom length pushrods made for your combo. Also get PAC beehives if you need springs. Good luck with your build!

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I really wanted to go with a 3.9" stroker and Muscle Motors sold a 383 kit for it. Unfortunately, they are no more. 440Source lists the crank but won't sell a kit due to lack of pistons they say. I thought they had their pistons made for them so why can't they just order 3.9" crank compatible pistons? Who knows, but unless I want to piece the parts together myself, which I don't, I'm left with 432 or 489 kits and nothing in between. I can work with that and will be deciding soon which way I'm going with my 383. Thanks for all the great pics!
Todd Marsh can whip you up something that will work. If he can’t do it, you don’t need it. Marsh Performance.
Point is , any 3.75 stroke/6.760 rod “432” piston can be used with a 3.9 stroke crank if you use a 6.7 rod. I used the 440 source crank, it’s a nice piece. Call Diamond, ask for a set of 51950’s. Also, a 6.700 BBC style rod for a ford is preferred because the rod and pin journals are centered on the beam. Actual Chevy rods are offset .050 towards the crank throws. Mopars don’t need an offset.


Pistons-Diamond 51950
Crank-440 source 3.915 stroke
Rods-Eagle CRS67003D

3 phone calls instead of 1. Have your machinist internally balance it, no Mallory required
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