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Who Likes Ships? We Have Aircraft and Trains.

is this a boat or a plane?


soviet Lun class ekranoplan MD-160 launching a P-270 anti-ship missile
IJN Shinano
Based on a Yamato class hull that was laid for a battleship but changed to a carrier after losses at Midway
Sunk by a US sub

SS United States.

I used to see her sitting at Norfolk International Terminal when I lived there in the 70's. Slowly rotting away...like the winged car in the guy's yard. Going to fix her up one day.

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SS United States at sea in the 1950s

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SS United States Norfolk 1978​

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The SS United States at her pier in Philadelphia​


The U.S., SS United States measured 990 feet in length, 101-feet wide, she had 12 decks, and weighed 53,330 tons. She is larger than the Titanic, and is in fact the largest ship ever built in an American shipyard.
Video: The Largest Passenger Ship Ever Built in the U.S.- SS United States - The Maritime Post
There are several youtube videos about this ship, and a few of them are recent and go inside.
Like the guy with the winged car, it is indeed in private hands sitting there rotting. One can hope for better, but it will likely go to his benefactors when he goes, whom will have no interest and sell it to the highest bidder. In the modern day, that would likely be a chinese scrap crew.

I am constantly amazed at the things that were made in the past that are simply deemed "too expensive" now. It goes for a lot of things, stuff that has been around my whole life that was built and used going back to the 1800's is suddenly "not worth it" and is left to rot or is destroyed. Old America is vanishing at an alarming rate, in my opinion. Being demolished for "new" stuff that won;t last 1/4 as long and can;t possibly compare in build quality. Everything from equipment to ships to buildings. I think that's why people like ships like this. It reminds them of what we used to be able to build in this country.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

I have family up there, I went to one of these launches, it's an event!