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Who wants a pristine 69 Satellite Sport for $9950? Anyone?


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Dec 24, 2013
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Surprise, Arizona

Thought I would bite. I wonder how many people actually fall for these scams? The add shows such a nice car and cheap too. Once in a lifetime deal. Too good to pass up. For less than $10 grand.

So I send an information request, get this back from them,

I'm responding to your message regarding the 1969 Plymouth Satellite sport. Sorry for my late reply. I just want to make sure I'm using the correct email address. Please confirm and I will send more pics and details.

Best regards,
Robert Morris
Deepwater Drilling Engineer
BSChE Equinor
ASA - Energy Company

My reply,
Thank you for getting back to me. (my email address) is my correct email address.

Thank You,

Paul Gulota

And he sends this,

Robert Morris
Wed, Dec 16, 1:18 PM (3 days ago)


Thank you for your interest,
attached you can find more pics so you can better see the condition of the vehicle.
I'm looking for a quick sale as I'm currently in a difficult situation. Please let me explain what happened. A guy from Miami was very interested and I agreed to close the deal with a cash on delivery transaction. The day the vehicle arrived in Miami, he told me that his loan was not approved and the deal is off. The situation got even better a few days ago as I'm currently doing my shift off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico. The shipping company is now holding the vehicle in Miami, FL. The good thing is that they also provide escrow protection for long distance transactions. Basically you get to inspect the vehicle before the deal is closed and I'm protected from buyers who don't actually have the funds to make a purchase.
So, if you want to buy a new toy and don't need approval from a third party, please let me know and I can make the necessary arrangements right away.

I ask him this,

Is the title with the car in Miami? Does the car have any mechanical issues? When can I meet you and inspect the car?

His reply,

Hello Paul,
The car is with a third party that will close the transaction on my behalf ...Here you can read how the process works:https://safeshippingservices.com/how-it-works/
Let me know what you think or if you want to go ahead, you just have to create an account on their website. Then I will make the necessary arrangements with the shipping co. and set up the transaction. They will contact you and provide all the info you need (including the bill of lading and purchase contract).
All I can say about the car is that there is no rust that I know of, no scratches or dents, the engine starts and runs at its best . What you see in the pics is what you get 100% ,this is the way I bought it 3 years ago and I've added 3200 miles on the clock.
Do you want to arrange a viewing at their site ?
Best regards,
Robert Morris
Deepwater Drilling Engineer
BSChE Equinor
ASA - Energy Company

My final response,

I am in Florida for the winter. Is there someone I can speak with to make an appointment to see the car.


This smells awfully fishy? A Sport Satellite may be a step down on demand compared to a RoadRunner? But a VERY small step. It's why we dont see too many RoadRunner clones? The Satellite is really the only base to make a clone. And they have significant value in their own right.
Absolutely a scam. He kept going till I told him I was in Florida where the car supposedly is. Which BTW, I am not.
These are popping up on FB Markertplace too. Usually for dirt cheap motorhome and most recently Harleys. And what pisses me off is that FB doesn't kill the ads if you report them.
I’m shocked there are hardly any grammar/spelling mistakes in the email they sent. Did you edit them? Usually thery’re pretty terrible.
This looks to be that old "I will ship to you" scam? They say they will ship to a dealership near you. If car is satisfactory? You complete transaction there. But in the shipping process they say shipping company suddenly needs shipping costs to complete. (Usually around $1200.) In hopes that you are now too excited and then pay this bogus shipping payment. They are not after the whole purchase price.
Not a bad looking scam sounds almost believe able !
Well I'm 3 hrs from miami I'm going to drive down there with cash and I'm going to start looking threw trucking yards !!!!
The trees in the background - doesn't look like Florida. Ad says Michigan. Scam.
"1969 Plymouth Satellite sport"

This is a tipoff to me that it's a scam or, at least, a non-Mopar guy. It's Sport Satellite, not Satellite Sport. In this case, we know it's a scam. My brother in law (Chevy guy) also refers to it this way.:rolleyes:
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Comical! Sad part IS? Someone is out there who will get suckered. Good Lord, it's pathetic to read about people allowing themselves to be scammed (often elderly) losing all their savings thinking what a great deal. Does make me think about some of the people, super friggin wealthy, who got sucked into Madoff's scheme as they thought they could get phenomenally richer yet, losing their asses. How much was enough for some of these people who had it made for the rest of their lives without succumbing scum **** Madoff's promises? What's da saying? If it sounds too good to be true...
Ok, to start with you can’t put a car into that condition for $10,000. The last person that I knew name Robert Morris was a thief and forging checks all over the south east. The scam he was running was to meet you at a rest area off the interstate give you a bogus cashiers check for your car and you would never hear from him again. I’m just saying. Beware
I have to say that reading the responses smelled like a scam but had a slight ring of potential truth... they are getting better at the game, obviously Americans replaced Nigerians...
Not the same car on fb, fender emblems are missing. But the price proves you can’t buy a car like that for $10,000 . Lol Beware
The pics selected have been angled or cropped, so you cant see the license plates, so you cant trace the real owner or location.
Fortunately these scam artists usually give themselves away, by not asking near enough for "their car". The real owner is asking $32.5k, if the scam man had asked $22k it wouldnt be so obviously a scam.
But the greedy and stupid are looking for a GREAT deal, not a good one.