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Windshield Wiper Adjustment Help Please


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Aug 21, 2017
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Poland, Ohio
I have a '67 Belvedere. The wipers park in the correct location, about 1 inch from the cowl molding. The wipers however do not sweep all the way over to the A pillar, they stop about 5 inches away from the A pillar. I tried to rotate the wiper arms one spline on the studs; then the arms do not go all the way to the park position. I checked the part number on the wiper motor, (2822962). It appears to be a '67, '68 variable speed motor, (according to some online research). The wiper switch has only 3 positions, (off, slow, and fast) which tells me that it is only a 2 speed switch. I posted this same question a few weeks ago. A link was posted on how to "clock" a motor. The motor shown in that link does not look anything like my motor. I could not "clock" my motor as a result.


Does having a variable speed motor and a 2 speed switch have anything to do with my issue?

Could I have the incorrect drive arm, (the arm that attaches to the output shaft, that drives the transmission linkage? Seem that if the drive arm were a little longer, it should push the wiper arms all the way to the A pillar.

Is it possible to "clock" this style motor?

Does the "Park Position Adjustment" need addressed? In other words, if I moved the two arm one spline closer to the A pillar, could I then mess with the park position adjustment to get them to sit in the correct park location?




Try it. Back in the day when replacing the park plate was common there were instructions on where to set the plate. As I recall it had to do with the motor number. Just mark it and set the arms and see what it does. You can always go back to where it is now if marked.
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