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Wrinkle Black Valve Cover Paint


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Jan 11, 2022
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Fredericksburg, VA
I have a couple of places on my Hemi valve covers where the wrinkle black paint has flaked off. I would like to just touch them up for now. Does anyone have a recommendation of where I can get the correct or similar paint to touch it up? I am not sure exactly what the paint is or how the texture is technically defined. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
I use VHT sp201. You could try to spray some in something and touch up with a brush.

You'll need heat to get it to wrinkle. I like using a heat gun for the most even result.
The touch up idea will not work out to well with wrinkle paint.

This paint needs a heavy even coat without runs to wrinkle. So the edges of your spray where the paint is light will not wrinkle, but it will fill in the wrinkle it is going over.

maybe better than bare spots.

When you use this paint it needs to be warm, and the 10 minutes in between coats needs to be on a timer. I painted mine on a 95 degree day and it worked great.
So are the valve covers typically painted while they are "warm" to get that wrinkle effect? Or is the paint somehow warmed up to spray it on?

In the short term, I might just dab a little flat black paint on the couple of spots that are bare on the covers so the spots don't stand out.
I re-did mine with VHT and they came nice.

Mine were polished aluminum Originally. I blasted them and used the VHT paint also and baked them under some heat lamps. Came out nice and have been on the engine over 5 years now.