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  1. POPs

    Your favorite 62-65 B-body ?

    64 or 65 Post cars Dodge or Plymouth Both are Bad Azz Then again all 62/65 Mopars are Bad Azz
  2. POPs

    Before & After Pics

    Lookin good
  3. POPs

    Spotted a '64 for sale in my neighbourhood

    Could be a Great Daily Driver or made into an awsome tow car. Not a bad price for it either. Would be a Good find for someone.Too far away for me
  4. POPs

    1965 Dodge Coronet 500

    65s are Badazz:yes:
  5. POPs

    Bigblock + Manual steering?

    Nothing like Manual Steering and a big block:old_school:
  6. POPs

    Web for 50s&60s Hot Rods

    THAT was GREAT Thanks for Sharing it:old_school::old_school:
  7. POPs

    What is your most prized award?

    My Honorable Discharge From the Navy (Seabees Can Do):sFl_america2: :yes::old_school:
  8. POPs

    1965 satellite project

    Where in NJ? North/South I'm near Philly do you still have the car ?? [email protected]
  9. POPs

    Engine swap?

    You can probably find the (BIG Heads) on either Moparts or e-bay The exhaust manifolds are Big Bucks :old_school:
  10. POPs

    1963 Fury Auto to 4 spd

    Brewer's Performance Inc.has everything you would ever need to do the swap www.brewersperformance.com:old_school:
  11. POPs

    Tire size question

    62 Max Sweet Long Roof:old_school: 64cubed Let us Know about tire size WELCOME to the site:yes:
  12. POPs

    a cool 65 Belvedere on ebay

    You can't much more BADAZZ then that:wtg:
  13. POPs

    Congrats to 63HemiPolara !

    :th_krazy:CONGRATS on being picked for "CAR of the MONTH:old_school:
  14. POPs

    My Buddies 64 Plymouth Fury

    SWEET RIDE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.:old_school: I agree that it would look a lot better Black or Hemi orange But I Guess when you put that much time and $$$$$$ into something like that, one has the right to Paint it any color he wants too. :sFl_america2:Still badazz "AMERICAN MUSCLE" though
  15. POPs

    85 dodge pickup

    LONG BED or SHORT BED :sSig_thanks:
  16. POPs

    What your favorite NFL team ?

    THE PHILLIES:Groaner:OH CRAP THAT MLB not NFL:rolling:
  17. POPs

    ever get burnt out on People messing with cars

    100% True :old_school:
  18. POPs

    Brought the engine home.

    Making a custom one if the stock one it doesn't fit the K-Frame:old_school: "Measure 3x cut once"
  19. POPs

    Dad's b-body racecar's

    Sorry about your Dads Passing, but he's probably catching "Great Lights"off the line at the Drag Strip in heaven:yes: He had a couple Badazz Mopars:old_school:
  20. POPs

    Brought the engine home.

    LET the FUN BEGIN:old_school: