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    Green bearings gone

    Thanks for that tip. I'll try that before I tear the rear apart. But... This build hasn't been "easy way" for anything.
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    Green bearings gone

    I have a 23 spline Dana 60 out of a 68 coronet. I am switching to green bearings. To remove my thrust spacer, do I need to remove the rear section? Or can I get it out with a magnet like I read somewhere else? I have looked down the axle tube, but I don't see anything resembling any images I...
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    TTI or dougs headers?

    If you want 100% bolt on go with TTI from header to tip. You will save on install as the fit is perfect. I tried Doug's and it did not clear the trans cross member area. As well I went with flowmaster exhaust kit and the pipe labelling is non existant. Maybe it was just me, But, their is...
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    Remove 4-spd transmission

    Is the housing close enough that you can put a couple of bolts in? I had to pull my tranny/engine together. Slid in nicely. Just maybe a bit on the tight side for the pinion bearing?
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    CVF Racing

    Hi Gary, I have stealth heads with Doug's D452 headers. Everything fits great. But, might be because I have the RMS suspension so I have a lot more room. I had to remove the header to install the mini starter. That only took me 20 mins.
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    CVF Racing

    I stuck with standard size pulleys. - - - Updated - - -
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    CVF Racing

    No, this is the v-belt system. I am not sure how much room I would have lost with the 6 rib belts. - - - Updated - - - I am not sure what you mean. You will need to use the Mopar style alternator. Also, just need to know what accessories you are running. I didn't speak with CVF directly, I...
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    CVF Racing

    I just finished mocking up my CVF Racing pulleys, PS Pump, and alternator. Sorry. Dunno how to flip.
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    Oil Pump pick-up install

    Just wondering if you guys use anything for threads sealant/locktite when installing the pickup.
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    rocker clearance

    I think I would try new rockers before you machine them so you can maybe return/exchange them. You have put a bunch of money into those heads. Why skimp on the rockers?
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    295/30/19 try. 30 series there is a bit more. 35 is a lot less options. I had a hard time finding 20's. 19's will give u a closer to factory overall diameter tire too I believe.
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    Never bought tires from here, but, I think their prices are good. Stick mustang tire sizes seem to be decent priced if you wanted Nittos. I think they are made in Japan? http://www.americanmuscle.com/nitto-invo-285-35-19.html - - - Updated - - - It's a work in progress. Haha. Sure. I'll try...
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    What rim width are you running? I have 20x10 and purchased 285/30/20 Michelin super sports. If I were to buy again I would have gone 295. 285 don't have enough tire "bulge" kind of stretched. I did 19x8 up front with 245/35/19. They have a bit more bulge in the tire. Doesn't match as well as...
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    MCG says the A-855 Passon is in this B Body

    I talked to a fella. He absolutely loves it and says the craftsmanship on it is very well done. Drives great and Jamie did a very nice job on it as it is a true drop in unit.
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    440 Source heads

    I just picked up a set of the stealth heads myself. They look great, all the ports and chambers are smooth. There isn't any sign of extra metal fragments from casting process. I plan to use them right out of the box. Keepers and all.
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    Viper Six speed Tranny ? will it fit in a 70 b body ( SuperBird)

    That's sweet! Shifter still is in the original spot.