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    Well, you won't find "speed rated" 15" tires, that's for sure
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    Skid Plate

    Nice. That should do it
  3. PurpleBeeper

    727 for the track?

    I don't see a problem with it. The 727 is a strong transmission. Maybe just add a special transmission pan that will make sure you keep the transmission fluid flowing in the corners & add a large external transmission cooler
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    5 point racing harness questions

    Sorry....just have a roll bar, right?
  5. PurpleBeeper

    '69 Charger Hellcat

    The builder is red-green color blind and didn't notice?
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    '69 Charger Hellcat

    Beautiful! I will take two Tor Red & the other Lemon Twist
  7. PurpleBeeper

    Product Review - BlueDevil Power Steering Leak Stop

    Most of them.....pthalate esters are "seal swell" chemicals + pthalate esters are often used in DOT3 brake fluid....not necessarily the exact same phthalate esters, but similar chemicals.
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    Product Review - BlueDevil Power Steering Leak Stop

    In general, these type of "seal swell" products contain chemicals which are slightly incompatible with rubber & make it swell. It doesn't really "stick" to anything, it is absorbed by the rubber seals. Now, if the seals are just worn on the I.D. from wear or have a tiny little nick in them...
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    Steering Column Replacement?

    No column is better than the factory column in my opinion. Just put in a new upper bearing & lower bushing + buy a "no column shift" collar from Tony's 2-cents. Also, maybe buy 3 new "weird plastic spacer clips" where the column bolts up under the dash too. Those always seem to...
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    Trans tunnel mods stick to auto

    If you want a factory "slap stick" shifter & console, then you need to remove the "4spd hump" & block it off (a patch from another tunnel or sheet metal) & add a bracket or two for the automatic shifter/console to bolt up. IF you can live with an aftermarket shifter, I bet you can leave the...
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    The Search For New Headers

    What headers do you have now? When I used to run the 2" primary big tubes, I found that I got about 2" more ground clearance with Hooker vs. Heddman.
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    In my humble opinion, it depends on how fast you think you'll go at the track. I believe a roll bar is required on a hardtop at 11.49sec/quarter mile or faster. If you think you'll go that fast, then NHRA requires a main hoop, a cross bar behind the seats (where the seat belts attach), two...
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    Big block B Body K frame swap question

    It has to be easier & cheaper than swapping a k-member
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    5x4.5 or 5x115

    Tim, with your background I think you can answer this question better than any of us...seriously
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    5x4.5 or 5x115

    It's up to you, but keep in mind that tires are bad after 5-6 yrs. (?) or so regardless of how much tread is left on them... the rubber just deteriorates.
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    They do sell electric remote bottle openers... it would take 2-3 seconds, so maybe that's too long a wait. For an extra $10,000 you can build a blower motor.
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    My 2-cents.... if you want it run EXACTLY like it does now, go with the giggle gas. Just some pistons & a little this-n-that and you'd have what you're looking for in my humble opinion.
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    to crate or not to crate?

    I'd ballpark a 383 long-block core at around $400-$500. I honestly think you should rebuilt what you have. Turn down the crank if necessary, recondition the rods using high-strength rod bolts, assuming you have to bore the block, pick some higher compression forged pistons, install a little...
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    1320 Air strip attack video of my 68 charger.

    Freaking incredible Joe.....beautiful car!
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    1320 Air strip attack video of my 68 charger.

    pistons? rods? crank? block mods? cam specs? carb or efi? If carb, what mods? Anything else "unusual" you had to do to set it up for a procharger? Thanks